The Brand Room
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Inside the Eva Home

Every product we design is made to delight and fit seamlessly into your home.
Here’s a little bit more about how we envision the Eva Home to feel, and a look into our current product range.


The start and beginning of each day. A restorative escape where big dreams are shared and secrets are whispered under the covers. Safe. Intimate. Comfortable. If the living room is the soul of your home, the bedroom is the home for your soul.


The soul of the home. A centre stage for conversation and laughter. A place to curl up after a long day. Where board games are played and favourite movies are watched. A lifetime of memories waiting to be made.


A spark. An idea. Inspiration in every corner. Your favourite candle. A notebook overflowing. Where every moment, every word gets you closer. A meeting space with all the comforts of home and endless possibilities.


Meals shared with loved ones and old family recipes passed down like treasured heirlooms. The smell of coffee in the morning. A place where conversation flows as easily as wine. A meeting place, rich in flavour
and full of life.


A welcoming first impression. The feeling of coming home after time spent away. Coats hung and keys scattered. Warm embraces and familiar smells. A sigh of relief that everything you love is on the other side of the archway.

Eva Mattress

It all started with a mattress that’s so good, its only downfall is it will probably make you late to work. With a hybrid design of five zone pocket springs, gel memory foam and latex foam for dreamy comfort and support, it’s no surprise the Eva Mattress is our best-selling product. 

Timber Bed Frame

Winner of the Good Design and Red Dot awards, the Timber Bed Frame is the definition of a product that is both beautiful and useful. Made from ethically sourced real timber, with five-minute no-tool assembly, it’s the most argument-free piece of furniture you’ll ever own.

All Day Sofa

Generous in size, big on comfort and made to last. It’s Australia’s first-ever sofa made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.

Hemp Linen

Our Hemp Linen Sheets are clever; they’ll make sure you’re always cool, but never cold. Gentle on skin, gentle on the planet and tough enough to be your go-to sheets—they’re sheets you can live with. 

Hideaway Table

Designed with storage in mind, you’ll always have a home for laptops, books, or anything you want to keep out of sight. With matching coasters and a solid timber frame, the Hideaway Table has everything you need for catch-ups with friends and family board games night.