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The Everyday Sofa - modularity like never before

We’re sofa connoisseurs here at Eva. And we know that when you find the right one, you want to hold onto it forever. The Everyday Sofa’s answer to this was modularity: the possibility for your couch to continue growing as you and your home do. Furniture that keeps up with your life.

Now, we’re introducing the option to buy extra modules to add to your Everyday Sofa. Maybe you started with a cosy two-seater sofa, but now you’ve got a little one and you need something bigger. Or perhaps you’ve moved into a bigger space and your once-perfect couch now seems small and cramped. Turn your 5-seater into a 7-seater, or even a 10-seater if you need! Simply add on the modules you need to create the perfect seating arrangement for your space.

We know that life is constantly changing, and our goal is to make sure that your furniture can keep up. With the option to add modules, you can customise your sofa to fit your needs, no matter how they evolve over time.


So, whether you're hosting a big family gathering or just need some extra space to stretch out and relax, the Everyday Sofa has got you covered. Check out the sofa page to explore all of our modular options and keep building the perfect sofa for your home.