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100% Pure Hemp Linen
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Eva Hemp Linen Sheets

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What's included

The Sheet Set includes 1 Flat Sheet, 1 Fitted Sheet and 2 Pillowcases. 

The Duvet Set includes 1 Duvet Cover and 2 Pillowcases. Our beautiful hemp linen comes in their very own hemp linen bag.


Flat Sheet
Queen: W 250cm x L 260cm
King: W 275cm x L 260cm
Double: W 230cm x L 260cm

Fitted Sheet
Queen: W 153cm x L 205cm x D 40cm
King: W 183cm x L 208cm x D 40cm
Double: W 138cm x L 189cm x D 40cm

Duvet Cover
Queen: W 210cm x L 210cm
King: W 245cm x L 210cm
Double: W 180cm x L 210cm

W 48cm x L 73cm

Materials & Assembly Care


Eva's hemp is 100% pure hemp linen and woven to 165 GSM (grams per square metre) meaning they'll feel soft and luxurious for years to come.

Care Instructions

Wash them on a cold or warm setting only. Line dry or tumble dry on a warm setting. Do not bleach or soak.

Free Delivery & Returns


With our 100 day trial, you can try the hemp linen in the comfort of your own home. Please see our Terms of Service or Returns Page for more information on our 100 day trial.


Free weekday deliveries across all metro areas. Weekend delivery may incur additional shipping costs.

Click here for more information about delivery.

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Why switch to Hemp?

Eva Hemp Linen has all the qualities you love about flax linen, only it's better for the planet and more durable. Woven to 165 grams per square metre, your Hemp Linen will feel luxurious but remain breathable and trans-seasonal.


Crafted with care

Hemp is mother-nature approved, requiring very little water and no ‘cides, synthetics or fertilisers. Known as the most durable of the natural fibres, our Hemp Linen Sheets will soften with age but never look worn — like a good bottle of wine that only gets better with time.


Just right for every season

Thermoregulating sounds like a science experiment, but it really just means you will stay at your ideal body temperature while you rest; think warm in winter and cool in summer — just as it should be.

Always trending

Inspired by nature

Hemp Linen comes in staple colours that suit every bedroom. Designed to mix and match, you can curate your dream colour palette. And they have a way of looking perfectly styled — even when you haven’t made the bed.


More sleep, less laundry

We believe that less is better. That’s why we created sheets that don’t need frequent washing or replacing. Hemp Linen is antibacterial and hypoallergenic so it’s gentle on the skin and stays fresh for longer.

It’s all in the details

Handy labels

No more guessing which side goes where. We've got you covered.

Zip and go

A concealed zip means less time spent makingthe bed.

Duvet ties

Keep your duvet in place no matter how much you toss and turn.

Sustainable Sheets

Wondering how Hemp compares to Flax?

✔ Hemp is 6x more sustainable than flax and does not deplete the soil

✔ Hemp is stronger & able to withstand more wear and washing

✘ Flax uses more land than hemp for the same yield

How does Hemp compare to Bamboo?

✔ Both fabrics are soft to touch and highly breathable

✔ Hemp is far more durable than bamboo as a fabric

✘ Bamboo fabric relies on toxic and environmentally-damaging chemicals to be produced, hemp does not

How does Hemp compare to Cotton?

✔ Both fabrics are soft to touch and highly breathable

✔ Hemp is far more durable than bamboo as a fabric

✘ Bamboo fabric relies on toxic and environmentally-damaging chemicals to be produced, hemp does not

Behind the design: Our team share the journey to creating hemp linen

All your questions answered.

See all FAQs

what is hemp?

Hemp was first spun into fabric over 50,000 years ago and was popularised due to the hemp plants’ myriad uses. Hemp linen is extremely durable, deliciously soft and ideal for every climate. And on top of all its benefits in the bedroom, it is also one of the most sustainable fabrics available.

what is the difference between hemp linen and flax linen?

Flax linen and hemp linen have many similar properties in terms of breathability, feel and their antibacterial properties. When it comes to durability though, hemp is the clear winner being eight times stronger than flax linen. Therefore, hemp can withstand more wear and washing without being damaged, making it the most cost-effective option of the two. Bonus points go to hemp, which can produce 600% more fibre than flax when using the same amount of land and does not deplete the soil like flax. Therefore, hemp is the more sustainable choice when choosing between the two fibres.

Find out more about what is hemp linen and benefits of upgrading to linen sheets. 

how long should my hemp sheets last?

Hemp is known as the most durable of the natural fibres, so with the right love and attention will be a part of your bedroom for years. To care for your sheets, ensure you wash them on a cold or warm setting only, line dry or tumble dry on a warm setting and do not bleach or soak.

how sustainable are your sheets?

The hemp plant is a renewable resource, needing very little water to grow (it can often rely on rainwater alone). Unlike cotton, which depletes the soil of nutrients, hemp improves the quality of the soil over time, returning 70% of nutrients to the earth. Hemp grows exceptionally fast — no matter the weather conditions — and is naturally insect and weed resistant, which means there is no need for pesticides, fertilisers or other chemicals.

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