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The who, what and where behind our award-winning Eva products.

Is Eva an Australian company?

The short answer is, Eva is an Australian company based in Melbourne with a selection of manufacturers in China, and suppliers from Europe & America who we choose based on a strict set of criteria. 

Where are your products made?

We love that you ask this question — it’s important. We should all care about where the products we buy come from. 

And while the short answer may suffice for some, there’s so much more that goes into choosing our manufacturers at Eva.

When it comes to vetting suppliers, we never settle. We are proud of every manufacturer we work with to bring our designs to life — and not just because they are experts in their field. Our criteria are as much about factories that uphold high ethical standards, safe working conditions, and honest materials, as it is about the final product.


So in the spirit of transparency, we want to provide our customers with as much information as possible, so you can make the most informed decision possible. 

Below you’ll find details of where all Eva products are made, how we make them, and our certifications. 

If you would like more information on our manufacturing, please get in touch at

The Eva Mattress

The mattress is made by a family owned and run business in Foshan, China who has been making high-quality mattresses for over 30 years. Our manufacturer is certified by BSCI and SQP. These are independent organisations that audit manufacturers to ensure ethical working conditions and social compliance. The Eva Mattress is also certified by Oeko-Tex, CertiUR-US and EcoINSTITUT.

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Eva Mattress image pictured alongside mattress maker sowing product
Eva Mattress image pictured alongside mattress maker sowing product

The Eva Timber Bed Frame

The Eva Timber Bed Frame is made in Foshan, China by our manufacturer who has over 20 years’ experience in making high-quality furniture. Mr. Ho, one of the factory’s owners, focuses on using cutting edge technology to ensure low wastage of materials. Our bed frame is also made using FSC certified timber to ensure the protection of our beautiful forests

Eva Mattress image pictured alongside mattress maker sowing product

Hideaway Table

Our Hideaway Table manufacturer is based in Tianjin, China and has over 25 years of experience in making high-end furniture. Their team consists of 100 experienced craftsmen who are considered the best in their field, so it's no surprise they've won international awards for their quality and design. With a focus on beautifully crafted timber, we knew we could rely on them to bring our new range of tables to life.

Eva Hemp Linen

Eva Hemp Linen is grown and spun into fabric in Shanxi, China. Our manufacturer is a leader in the hemp textile industry with over 30 years’ experience. Once the hemp has been made into fabric, it is then cut and sewn into our sheet and duvets sets at a nearby factory. Our hemp linen is GOTS certified meaning it has met a strict set of criteria that evaluates everything from employee welfare to environmental impact and quality of the product.

Hemp Linen shown in 3 colours
Hemp Linen shown in 3 colours

The Eva Pillow

The Eva Pillow is made in Zhejiang, China. On the first visit to our factory, our team immediately hit it off with factory owner Mr Shang and knew he was the perfect manufacturer to make our pillow design come to life. Mr Shang and his team built a pillow mould that is unique to Eva, which allowed us to create an adjustable and breathable memory foam pillow. The factory is certified by Oeko Tex and CertiPUR-US.

All Day Sofa

The All Day Sofa is designed by our team in Melbourne and made by our trusted manufacturing partner in Tianjin, China. Established in 1984, our manufacturer has worked with some of the most iconic and renowned furniture brands. This has given them the opportunity to develop their expertise, helping us deliver beautiful, high-quality products that last a lifetime.

Hemp Linen shown in 3 colours

Everyday Sofa

Like our All Day sofa, the Everyday Sofa is designed by our expert team in Melbourne. Its production takes place in Foshan, China by our skilled manufacturing partners. With their own thorough knowledge of design, and over a decade of experience producing a wide range of furniture, our manufacturers have the expertise that enables us to deliver a sofa of the highest quality. The Everyday Sofa's timber frame is sustainably sourced, the fabric is durable and soft - tested to 94,000 Martindale rubs - and the foam is CFC-free. Plus, if we do say so ourselves, it's pretty comfy.

Hemp Linen shown in 3 colours

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