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2023 Award Winner
Nine comfort options
365 Day Trial
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Premium Adapt Mattress

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$126.25 monthly for 12 months interest free with

Australia’s premium mattress with adjustable firmnesses.

Want more adjustable firmnesses?


Free Metro Delivery & Returns


With our 365 day trial, you can try the Premium Adapt Mattress in the comfort of your own home. Please see our Terms of Service or Returns Page for more information on our 365 day trial.


Free weekday deliveries across all metro areas. Weekend & regional delivery may incur additional shipping costs.

Click here for more information about delivery.

Material & Assembly Care

You don't need to flip the mattress as it is designed to have the memory foam layer on the top and the pocket springs at the bottom, however rotating the mattress 180 degrees every few months will allow for even weight dispersion and increase the longevity of the mattress.

The top layer of the Premium Adapt Mattress can be easily unzipped and placed in a washing machine.

Be sure to wash on a gentle cycle (max. 30 degrees) using a mild detergent, then line dry in shade. Do not tumble dry. Do not bleach. Iron at a medium temperature (max. 110 degrees celsius).

Although the fabric is machine washable, overwashing may affect its performance.

Assembly Instructions here

10 Year Warranty

The Premium Adapt Mattress comes with a 10-year warranty. Find out more here.

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Half / Half Configurations

Do you and your partner have different ideas of what's comfortable?

Our half-half configuration option allows you to adjust each half of the bed to a different firmness level.

It's compromise without the compromise.

"A great solution to uncomfortable sleeping conditions. Its sustainability considerations and a comprehensive testing process led to the development of customisable options for different people’s preferences — fantastic!"

— Good Design Award Jury

Nine comfort options. One hybrid mattress. Infinitely better sleep.

Start with Soft, Medium and Firm in every mattress. With up to six more firmnesses to find the perfect fit. All free of charge.

Experts in comfort

95% of customers find their perfect fit

Award-winning mattress makers, thousands of 5-star reviews and hundreds of hours of user testing. The Premium Adapt Mattress has been designed to be the only mattress you’ll ever need.

No guesswork required

Choose from nine firmnesses

If your initial three firmnesses still aren't right, you have six other firmnesses to try to get the perfect fit.

Prefer more support? Swap for a firmer level.

Prefer more plush? Swap for a softer level.

Half-half firmness layers

No need to compromise

If you and your partner have different firmness needs, you can order half-half firmness layers. Maybe you love a firm, supportive mattress, but they like to melt into a marshmallow at bedtime. Now you can have both.


A True Custom System

Over 650 twice tempered steel pocket springs plus three built-in Certipur-US® approved firmness options. Simply “unzip and flip” the top layer to adjust for a true custom system.

A mattress that grows with you

Soft to cradle pregnancy or joint pains

Medium when you need more support

Firm to help back pains and aches

Take a look inside

Topping it off

The removable, machine-washable topper maintains perfect temperature while you sleep.

Airscape Comfort layer

Our tri-layer foam has an ‘open cell’ structure, making it 30% more breathable than traditional memory foam or latex. The flippable Comfort layer has two sides of different foams, with their own unique comfort purpose.

Support Layer

A firmer foam, which provides whole body support throughout the night.

Dedicated edge support

We’ve added a supportive foam encasement for edge support.
So you’re comfortable on every part of your bed, even the edges.

Precision Springs

A strong foundation of twice heat-tempered steel pocket springs are separated into five zones to support your neck, back, shoulders, hips and legs optimally.

It's all in the details

Machine washable covers

Keep your bed looking and feeling fresh with easy to wash covers.


Top layer fabric that’s designed to regulate temperature, so you can sleep in your sweet spot.

Edge support

Our edge support foam is unique to other mattresses-in-a-box. So you’re especially comfortable wherever you roll.

Your Top Questions Answered.

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How do I change firmness layers?

The Premium Adapt Mattress comes with Soft, Medium & Firm right out of the box. Changing layers is simple. You just need to unzip the top layer and rearrange the Comfort and Support layer as instructed in the assembly instructions.

What does the Premium Adapt Mattress warranty cover?

The Premium Adapt Mattress comes with a 10-year warranty that covers:

- Body impressions or visible indentation or sag in the mattress surface, while no weight is applied of greater than 3.5 cm.

- The mattress is shorter than the Australian standard in any one direction by more than 5cm when measured from tape to tape.

- The mattress fails to inflate to its full size after a period of 60 days of regular use.

Please note: The Premium Adapt Mattress is recommended for use on flat, solid surfaces that provide air circulation. Flexi slats, sprung slats or adjustable bed bases will not adequately support the mattress and are considered incorrect bed base use. For slatted bases, ensure the slats are no more than 8cm apart for proper support. The warranty is void in the case of incorrect bed base use. For more information, please read this FAQ page, or view our Terms of Service.

What kind of base can I use for the Premium Adapt Mattress?

The Premium Adapt Mattress can be used on any flat, solid surface that allows for air circulation. The Premium Adapt Mattress dimensions are in line with Australian standards; however, if your bed base varies within 3cm, your mattress will still fit.

Please note: The Premium Adapt Mattress is not suitable for use on flexi slat, sprung slat or adjustable bed bases. For slatted bases, ensure the slats are no more than 8cm apart for proper support. Using the incorrect base will result in a void of warranty. For more information, please read our Terms of Service.

How does the Premium Adapt Mattress compare to the Comfort Classic Mattress?

The Premium Adapt Mattress comes with all the same features as the Comfort Classic Mattress and plenty more.
With an additional foam layer, the Premium Adapt Mattress has a total of four foam layers to provide extra comfort and support. It also provides improved edge support through the addition of a foam encasement around the pocket spring base.

The key difference, however, is that the Premium Adapt Mattress allows for three configurations right out of the box, which achieves different firmness levels to suit your specific sleeping needs.
Lastly, the Premium Adapt Mattress also has a breathable and temperature-regulating top layer that is removable and machine washable.