Getting to know the Premium Adapt Mattress

The Premium Adapt is a hybrid mattress, made of steel pocket springs topped with various layers of memory foam.

Every Premium Adapt comes with our three more popular firmness levels built in, meaning you can immediately try three types of mattresses, right in your own home.

The mattress’ firmness can be adjusted by re-arranging two of the foam layers, giving you three standard levels: Soft, Medium and Firm.

How do I re-arrange the foam layers?

Our Premium Adapt is designed to be easily adjusted in the comfort of your own home.

Simply open up the zip of your mattress and follow the instructions below.

What if I’m not completely comfortable?

If you’d like to adjust your mattress further, simply contact our Customer Support Team and we’ll send you an additional foam layer for free.

There are 2 additional foam layers (softer and firmer) which create an additional 6 new firmness levels to try.

What if my partner and I have different sleeping preferences?

The Premium Adapt System supports half foam layers, meaning you can set up your mattress with two different firmness levels.

Because no-one should have to compromise on comfort.

If you've already purchased half layers you can learn how to set them up here. If you'd like to purchase or swap them, simply contact our Customer Support Team below.

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