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Slideaway Sofa Bed comes in gold: Good Design Awards 2023

After the success of the Timber Bed Frame in 2020, the latest Eva products to join the ranks of the Good Design Awards are the Premium Adapt Mattress and the Slideaway Sofa Bed. But for the Slideaway, this means gold.

What’s a Good Design Award Gold®?

The Australian Good Design Award is among the most respected and recognised design endorsement symbols in the industry. The Gold is awarded only to the top five projects in each category, meaning the Slideaway Sofa Bed is among only five others in the Product Design category to achieve such an acknowledgment. We’re pretty proud of that! 

Why did the Slideaway Sofa Bed win the Good Design Award Gold®?

Thoughtful design is our ethos, and the Slideaway Sofa Bed was a culmination of years of carefully considering, creating, testing, and rethinking.

“The Slideaway Sofa Bed is effortlessly elegant. In addition to its ability to seamlessly transition into a comfortable bed, the sofa also offers a third ‘Netflix mode’ for people wanting to rest their feet. We feel that its contemporary look and hidden drawer will mean people will also want to use it as their everyday sofa, elevating its value in the home.” ~ Good Design Awards Jury 

Our design team knew that there was a place for a sofa bed that did better than most - one that was great as a sofa, and great as a bed. With easy transformation between the two. 

With that as a starting point, they went to the drawing board and came up with the unique, slatted sliding mechanism of the Slideaway. They didn’t get it right the first time, but eventually the mechanism worked and the rest is history. With a smooth and simple push or pull, the sofa bed becomes whatever you want it to be: cosy sofa, luxurious daybed, or generous double bed. It’s a sofa bed made simple and easy thanks to its design. 


“My favourite thing about the sofa bed is the sliding mechanism and how unique that is, compared to other sofa beds on the market. I think it's just so beautiful to see a timber frame mixed with the upholstery. It's quite unexpected.” ~ Pip, Product Development Manager

Add in some upcycled memory foam cushions (made from mattress foam offcuts from our manufacturing process), soft durable fabric (the very same as our bestselling Everyday Sofa), a sturdy solid timber frame and the choice of five beautiful colours to boot. We’re starting to realise that it’s no mystery why we caught the eye of the Good Design Jury.  oatmeal-eva-slideaway-sofabed-daybed-mother-son

As with every Eva product, the Slideaway Sofa Bed wasn’t just left on the drawing board, but was tested by real people to ensure its success in practice. Our testers were tasked with finding every way we could improve the design of the sofa bed. That meant pulling apart the slats to test ease, assembling and disassembling to find the easiest method, rating the cosiness of the foam-filled, duvet-wrapped cushions and even doing a snooze test (or two). By the end of countless rounds of user testing, the design team knew they’d found the best way to design the Slideaway, and that it was worthy of being part of the Eva home. 

And for when it’s in the home and part of everyday living and lounging, we added a feature often neglected in sofa beds: machine washable covers. All the fabric of the Slideaway is easily unzipped, removed and washed in the machine for an effortless freshness. Our design team’s thoughtfulness goes beyond just the appearance of the sofa bed - they considered its functionality and use in the home. When you think about it, machine washable covers were a no-brainer. 

If you’d like to test out the Slideaway Sofa Bed for yourself in your own home, you can with our 100 day trial, with free metro delivery and returns if you’re not 100% happy. All that’s left to do is add to cart and slide into cosy.