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Notes from the design workshop: Slideaway Sofa Bed

The memory is practically universal. You’re a guest at a family member or friend’s place and it’s time for bed. They gesture towards the dreaded sofa bed that might just take your hand clean off if you aren’t careful. It's better than nothing, but it's also a night of mystery lumps and poor quality sleep. We've all been there, and the design team here at Eva found themselves thinking - isn’t there another way? 

“We saw that a sofa bed could be such an important product in anyone’s life, whether they have a smaller space or need the versatility of a sofa bed to accommodate visitors. Put simply, there wasn’t a nice looking sofa bed out there, and we thought we could do it!” - Jason, Head of Operations 

Two years on, we can confidently say there is. Introducing the Slideaway Sofa Bed: the perfect blend of comfort, style and functionality. 


A 3-in-1 design for all the modes of relaxation: sofa mode, daybed mode, and bed mode. The Slideaway is set to revolutionise the way we think about sofa beds and bust the stereotypes of flimsy futons and complicated couches of the past. It does so with its clever design, uncompromising comfort, and durable nature, all whilst minimising its impact on the planet. 

Unique design

The Slideaway Sofa Bed boasts a unique slatted sliding mechanism that effortlessly transforms it from a comfy sofa to a generous double bed in a matter of seconds. No more wrestling with heavy mattresses or dealing with complicated folding mechanisms – simply slide and enjoy the seamless transition.

The design team took their time crafting something that could be easy to use and sturdy, but eventually they came upon it. The sliding mechanism allows for an effortless transition from sofa to bed in seconds. And for those who always wish their sofa was as deep as a bed, you can slide into a daybed mode and stretch out your legs whilst enjoying the space of a double mattress. 


“My favourite thing about the sofa bed is the sliding mechanism and how unique that is, compared to other sofa beds on the market. I think it's just so beautiful to see a timber frame mixed with the upholstery. It's quite unexpected.” ~ Pip, Product Development Manager

But of course, the design process wasn’t without a few hiccups. The first prototype of the sliding mechanism wasn’t quite as sturdy as the final product!

But that's what testing is for!
And test they did. The product and design teams went through a rigorous process of trial and error to perfect the foam layers in the seated cushion. They finally found the perfect firmness for both sitting and lying down - a must-have for a great sofa bed.

Made to last

As with all of Eva's products, durability is key to the Slideaway. The  solid timber frame, made from American Ash, not only adds an element of timeless elegance but also ensures long-lasting sturdiness. No more worrying about wear and tear after just a few uses.

Additionally, the team chose the same fabric for the cushions as is used for the Everyday Sofa - a highly durable and scratch-resistant material. It's also machine-washable. Spills and stains are no match for the Slideaway Sofa Bed, allowing you to enjoy peace of mind and a clean, fresh look, always.


Do it like a B Corp 

As a B Corp certified company, we have a strong commitment to sustainability and ethical practices. The design team incorporated upcycled foam from our mattress recycling program into the foam filled cushions of the sofa bed for luxurious comfort at a low cost to the planet. 

As always, the timber used in the frame is sustainably and responsibly sourced from carefully managed forests. 

With the use of durable materials, the Slideaway Sofa Bed over time will reduce furniture waste and be a piece in your home that truly lasts.


Colours for every space

The Slideaway Sofa Bed comes in five warm, inviting colours: marble white, terracotta, moss green, oatmeal, and olive. 

"My favourite thing about the product is seeing it in all the different colourways, and seeing how it’s so versatile in aesthetic and functionality. I absolutely love the upholstered detail, with the piping, paired with how plush the cushions are." - Jason, Head of Operations


The #1 priority: Cosy

We know that a good night's sleep is essential, whether you're accommodating guests or looking for a space-saving solution in your own home. That's why we've incorporated memory foam cushions into the design to ensure the utmost comfort and support when sleeping on the Slideaway. Say goodbye to sore backs and restless nights, and hello to unparalleled relaxation.

With the usual tool-free assembly, free metro delivery and free trial period, the Slideaway is an instant Eva classic. 

Try the Slideaway Sofa Bed now for 100 days, and love it or return it for a full refund! 

Stay cosy.