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Why the Premium Adapt Mattress won the Good Design Award

With thoughtful design at the core of everything we do, the team at Eva like to think of ourselves as innovators within the furniture industry. In 2020, we were thrilled to be confirmed as just that when the Timber Bed Frame won the Good Design Award. And this year we’ve got double the pride as both the Premium Adapt Mattress and the Slideaway Sofa Bed have won awards. 

The Premium Adapt Mattress is the luxurious newest addition to the Eva bedroom, with all the trimmings of new mattress technology, considered materials and the standout feature: customisable comfort. Bringing you the choice of how you sleep - adjustable to you, by you. All from the comfort of your own home. eva-premium-adapt-mattress-layers

So what’s the Good Design Award?

Since its establishment in 1958, Good Design Australia has been dedicated to advocating for the importance of design and its essential role in shaping a more advanced, safe and thriving world. To showcase products that align with their high design standards, they introduced The Good Design Award®. Over time, this accolade has evolved into one of the most esteemed and widely acknowledged symbols of design recognition in the industry.

Why did the Premium Adapt Mattress win the Good Design Award?

The secret to the Premium Adapt Mattress’ success is the years of thoughtful designing behind it. 

“The designers behind the Premium Adapt Mattress have found a great solution to uncomfortable sleeping conditions. In addition to its sustainability considerations, a comprehensive testing process led to the development of customisable options for different people’s preferences — fantastic!” ~ Good Design Awards Jury

Our design team placed thoughtfulness at the forefront and found that what 99% of mattresses lacked was the freedom to choose the comfort level, placing a one-size-fits-all restriction on a highly personal thing: sleep. 

With customisability as a starting point, the team set about creating the Premium Adapt Mattress. They took all their learnings from our multi-award-winning Comfort Classic Mattress, and investigated how to make an even more premium bed. 

Keeping the hybrid design with both pocket springs and layers of foam, the Premium Adapt Mattress has steel-enforced springs in 5 zones to form the best support structure for your body and a combination of foams for optimal comfort. When flipped and switched around, these foam layers enable different comfort levels with soft, medium and firm all available straight out of the box. 

“If there’s a challenge with people figuring out the right firmness for them, why not make a mattress where you can choose your firmness yourself? For you to have the freedom to find what’s right for you.” - Nathan, Product Manager 

But that’s not all. As well as the three firmness choices the Premium Adapt Mattress initially comes with, there’s six more to try upon request (free of charge!) should you not find your perfect match. Our goal is to help you have a great night’s sleep, every night, and this mattress was designed to achieve that. And it gets better - if you and your partner have different ideas of comfortable, we offer half-half layers so that you can both find your perfect. We like to think of it as compromise without the compromise. 


Once the design team had the idea for custom comfort and designed the mattress, it was time for user testing! Every Eva product goes through rounds of testing with real sleepers to ensure it’s actually doing the job. The Premium Adapt Mattress was no different, with countless rounds of question-asking, foam-flipping and comfort-out-of-ten scoring to find the right foams (we tested over 20 in total!) and the right firmness configurations. 

“Our most important discovery and the essence of the Premium Adapt Mattress was this: people like a supportive mattress that feels soft, comfy and springy at the beginning - so we translated that into the plush Comfort layer, paired with the firm Support layer.” - Susie, Product Developer

We strongly believe in dedicating ample time to explore possibilities and continue refining until a product meets our standards. That’s why winning the Good Design Award® for the Premium Adapt Mattress is not just an exciting achievement; it also mirrors the effort we put in to ensure every Eva product earns not only awards but also a place in people’s homes.