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Being a digital brand, packaging is the first interaction our customers have with the physical product.
It’s important that the packaging reflects the Eva brand and is designed with the customer’s unboxing in mind.

Box Styles

We use three main box styles and various additional protectors to ensure our
products arrive to the customer in good shape. Use the guide below if you get stuck.

Standard Box

Standard boxes are best suited to larger objects. We tend to use these boxes for soft or upholstered items, as they don’t offer as much protection as other box styles. This is the least expensive box style option.

Aircraft Box

Aircraft boxes are generally used for smaller items such as cushion covers or accessories. They require a mould to be made to cut them so can be more expensive than standard boxes.

One Piece Fold Box

One piece fold boxes are best suited to flatter items. They offer more protection for timber products as they have cells to keep the contents of the box in place.

Additional Protection

Additional protection can be added to a box to help protect surfaces, edges or prevent
moisture or mould. This is important as the product may spend long amounts of time in an
uncontrolled climate during transport.

Cardboard Corner Block

Honeycomb Cardboard

Recycled Plastic

Moisture Sachet


On packaging, we use white for branding elements such as the logo, ‘e’ shape and sub text. Use black for heading text and symbols.
Alternative branding and sub text colours can be used when differentiating batches or product sizing.

Applying Colours to Packaging


CMYK 0 0 0 0


Spot Colour

Pantone 2244U

CMYK 79 12 49 23

Navy Blue

Spot Colour

Pantone 2210U

CMYK 96 46 13 37


Spot Colour

Pantone 127U

CMYK 0 3 64 100


Spot Colour

Pantone 127U


Main Heading Text and Symbols



CMYK 0 0 0 1

Typography & Sizing

We use two fonts on packaging. It’s important to keep this consistent across all packaging. The
text must always be clear as it plays an important role in ensuring the correct boxes are picked
and sent to our customers.

National 2 Narrow

This font is used for main headings and sub text
Main headings: 64pt
Sub text: 44pt

Founders Grotesk Text

This text is used for body copy
Body copy: 24pt


The layout will change depending on the box style and size. Below are some examples of layouts for
different styles. Be sure to use correct branding, text and symbols when designing the packaging.

Branding Elements

Either the Eva ‘e’ or Eva shapes can be used as the main graphic on the front of the box.

Packaging Copy

Copy on our packaging is used to communicate the product, size, add charm and point our customers in the direction of our
social media and website.

All Day Sofa
2 Seater - cushions

Main product heading
Minimum on 2 sides of the box
Colour: Black

Generous in size and
big on comfort.

Sub text copy
Adds Eva charm
On front side of the box
Colour: Match to logo colour

For more - visit

Body copy
On side of the box where the
customer will open from
Colour: Match to logo colour


Symbols are used to help communicate directions to our freight companies and customers.

No knife
Placed opposite "open here"

Open Here
Placed along the line
where the customer should open

This Way Up
4 symbols placed on ends of box

It’s important to list the correct weight
on each product
Size: 135 x 135mm

Mixed Symbols
Placed next to weight
Size 135 x 135mm

Stickers and Labels

Sticker and label locations help our supplier and freight companies to place the barcode and shipping labels in the correct locations.

Shipping Label here
Size: 125 x 100mm

Sticker Here
Size: 270 x 68mm

Inside the box

Each product comes with a brand booklet welcoming our customers to the Eva family.
On the back of the booklet there is a QR code which takes them to the Product Assembly Page where
they can download assembly instructions and videos.

The mattress also comes with a handy cutter tool to help open the vacuum sealed packaging.