The Brand Room
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Welcome to the Eva Home.

We’ve created this platform to help you bring the Eva Story to life.
Here, you’ll find all the tools and guidelines that inform everything we do at Eva.

Our Why

Our mission as a company is to make furniture buying simple—it’s why we exist. Our customer facing tagline ‘Pretty Simple Living’ sums it up well. Simple isn’t just about removing unnecessary details, it’s more of a feeling. It means something that’s beautiful and useful at the same time—that works so perfectly you almost don’t notice it’s there. From the moment a customer discovers Eva, to their first unboxing, everything should feel simple.

The Eva Story

Now that you know more about why Eva exists, let’s move on to the how. Or as we like to call it, the Eva Story. A brand is nothing without a story, and ours is a story of home. If you take one thing from the guide, let it be this: Eva should always feel like home.

Home is woven into every part of Eva. We live and breathe this idea. It is both the inhale and the exhale. The force that motivates us to do better and drives Eva forward.

What is the Eva Home?

Home is a place where you can be honest, where everything is simpler. Often home feels charming, and sometimes it’s just a roof over your head—functional and useful.

The Eva Home is all of these things. In order to make every word we write and every asset we design feel consistently and undeniably Eva, we follow four brand pillars:
Simple, Honest, Useful, Charming (or as we like to call it in the office: SHUC).

Brand Pillars


At Eva, we make things simple. We don’t overcomplicate things or add unnecessary details. We simply strive to make life easier. Eva is everything you need, and nothing you don’t.


Authenticity is integral to life at Eva. From design to manufacturing, operations to marketing and customer service, we stay genuine. True to ourselves and to our customers.


Eva fits seamlessly and effortlessly into people’s lives.
We consider everything so our customers don’t have to.
Eva offers simple solutions to everyday problems that are both beautiful and practical.


Eva is a warm and approachable brand,
one that makes you smile and feel at home.


Inside the Eva Home