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Ruff night’s sleep? It could be your furry BFF

Do you share your bedroom with a pet? Or, more importantly, your super comfy Eva bed? It’s okay, no judgement from us – we’re all animal lovers here! But could co-sleeping with your beloved Milo or Otis be messing with your sleep cycle? Is sharing a bed with a pet one step closer to a Cesar Millan intervention?

Here are some of the good, bad and not so paw-some realities of having a furry bedfellow.

The Positives

Hello, snuggle buddy

Just over 40 percent of us let our pets sleep in the bedroom, and one in five take it a step further and share the same bed.

Dogs are pack animals by nature and pretty darn good companions, so it makes sense they would jump at the opportunity to jump on your comfy Eva mattress after a long day by themselves chasing shadows, lazing about and, well, sleeping. Separation anxiety is a thing, and what better way to bond than catching eight hours of zzz’s together?

And according to experts, there’s no harm in bedroom, and bed-sharing, provided both parties are healthy and not disturbing each other’s sleep. And ladies, it’s even better news for you with another study suggesting that compared to other humans and cats (sorry, Katy Perry), dogs were the least disruptive sleep partners.

Your own furry hot water bottle

For centuries dogs have been helping to keep their owners warm and toasty. In the Renaissance period, they were bred smaller purely so they could comfortably sit on the laps (and in the sleeves - yes, sleeves!) of nobilities to keep them warm in their chilly, musty castles and during long, cold carriage-drawn commutes. Even Paleolithic cavemen favoured having man’s best friend close by.

Never sleep through your alarm

Don’t like phones in the bedroom? Well, behold your personal alarm clock in the form of a ‘it’s time for my breakfast’ paw to the face at 7am, every day, on, the, dot. That can of Pedigree isn’t going to open itself, is it?

If only we could teach them how to use a Nespresso machine...

The Negatives

Laundry day will come sooner

Dogs may be great snugglers and ankle warmers, but they don’t have the greatest bedroom etiquette: endless fur shedding, dirty paws, drooling – it’s a surefire way to ruin those crisp, fresh linen feels pretty quickly.

Quick Dr Eva tip: If you want to coax your dog off your freshly made bed, try placing one of your trusty old T-shirts in their pet bed. Your natural scent will have a calming effect and act as a sleeping companion substitute.

Petriarchy rules

Chances are if you let your pet into your bedroom, they’ll never want to leave. No matter how plush and comfy their own lodgings are. And who could blame them? Dogs and cats are creatures of habit so it may become difficult to undo learned behaviour and bedtime routines once they’re firmly ingrained. While it’s totally natural to want to have your #1 family member close to you at all times, you need to set boundaries: they may score an invite now and again, but remember: it's your bed – not theirs.

Whether your pet is welcome in the bedroom or not, is up to you. And if all else fails you can always upgrade to a king-size Eva Mattress. Then everybody’s happy!

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