Try Eva in your home for a year
We understand that shopping online can come with a lot of uncertainty. At Eva we want you to be able to choose with confidence.
We know a lot can happen in a year. Maybe you switch up your style, you move house, or your family grows by a small but significant one. That’s why we give you 365 days to try out any Eva product in your own home.
Now you can be sure that Eva fits your life for all the moments in a year.
Start your 365 day trial with any of our products!
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How do we stack up?
Here’s a comparison table of our trial period to other furniture retailers. This might be our second favourite kind of table.
Brand/Store Trial Period
365 days
Koala 120 nights
Ecosa 100 nights
Sleeping Duck 100 nights
Emma Hybrid 100 nights
Traditional Retail 5 minutes
“We’re very happy with our sofa! …It’s very comfortable and sturdy and the fabric seems like it will hold up well against our dog and children.”
Arwen Griffith
“Officially in love. Everything about my new Eva Mattress is lovely - the purchase was stress free, the delivery was seamless and swift, and the sleep…. Oh the sleep has been an absolute dream every night!”
Anna Russell
“I love the simplicity of the bed frame and the lovely, light, clear look. If I needed another bed, I’d buy a second Eva frame.”
Maren Klein