30 Day Adjustment Period

Getting to know your mattress

Your body can take at least a month to adjust to a new mattress, which is why we have a 30 day adjustment period.

Why we have a 30 day adjustment period

Did you know it usually takes your body around a month to adjust to a new mattress? 

That’s why we ask all customers to sleep with their Eva Mattress for 30 days before initiating a return. 

If you’re coming from an older mattress, you’ll probably find your body is realigning on a new, more supportive mattress. While older mattresses can feel comfortable, often years of wear and tear mean they are lacking adequate support.

Coming to a new mattress can feel like a big change, but we guarantee it will be better for your spinal health and overall comfort in the long term. 

Most customers who have trouble adjusting at first fall in love with their mattress after a few weeks. 

See what our Eva Community think

Excellent service, great product.
“Initially I was unsure if made the right purchase and was considering returning my mattress...But now I’m sleeping in the comfiest bed I’ve ever owned and I’m so glad I gave it a chance during that first month or so.”


So comfy the kids won't get out of our bed
“There was an adjustment period for about a week... but after that we just fell in love.”


Excellent - No more sinking or rolling
“Eva is comfortable yet supportive, suiting both my preference for a soft mattress and my partner's preference for a firm mattress. I found that it took a bit of an adjustment period to get used to this mattress (transitioning from my old, entirely unsupportive soft mattress)”


Sceptical at First
“First night sleeping on it was a bit of an adjustment, but now we both just love it and find it to be the most comfortable mattress we have ever had. We're big fans of our Eva mattress and highly recommend.”


Wasn't sure at first!
“My wife and I were worried it would not be for us as we have very different needs in support but after a short period of adjustment can say with out hesitation it was a very good decision and we both love our new Eva Mattress.”


5 stars!
“The Eva Mattress was a bit of an adjustment at first being use to such a soft mattress but I am so happy and will never look back. I believe it had a big impact on my healing process after my c section”


Tips to help you adjust

Try a topper

If you’re coming from a soft mattress and are finding the Eva Mattress a little firm, try using a soft topper on your mattress to help with the adjustment. 

Use the right bed frame

Using the right bed frame is important for comfort and support. We find customers see the best results with bases that have solid, flat slats. Flexi or curvy slats lack support and will cause damage to your mattress over time. 

Try an Eva Pillow

The height of your pillow should allow for your neck to be straight, while a pillow between your knees can help align your hips. It is recommended you replace your pillow every two years.

Technical Specifications

Eva queen mattress size Australian dimensions are 153cm by 203cm


Eva King mattress size Australian dimensions are 183cm by 203cm


Eva Double mattress size Australian dimensions are 138cm by 188cm


Eva Single mattress size Australian dimensions are 92cm by 188cm


Eva King Single mattress size Australian dimensions are 107cm by 203cm


The height of the Eva mattress in all sizes is 32cm. Eva mattresses’ dimensions are in line with Australian standards; however, if your bed frame varies within 3cm, your mattress will still fit.


Gel Memory Foam, Premium Latex Foam,
High-Density Durable Base Support Foam and 5 Zone Pocket Springs.

CertiPUR-US® Certified

The Leading Standard for Foam Materials

Tested by independent U.S. laboratories to guarantee our high-grade foam layers are durable and made without any harmful chemicals.

CertiPUR-US Certified Logo for Eva Mattress
You don't need to flip the mattress as it is designed to have the memory foam layer on the top and the pocket springs at the bottom, however rotating the mattress 180 degrees every few months will allow for even weight dispersion and increase the longevity of the mattress.

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