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What to look for when buying a bed frame

“What type of bed frame should I use with my mattress?”

This is a question our customer service team gets asked a lot! With many different bed frames available, it can be tough to know which is the best base for your mattress. 

To help you decide, we’ve broken down the different types of bed frames and what to look out for on your buying journey so you can buy the best base for you!

Why do I need a bed frame?

Aside from creating an aesthetically pleasing bedroom and serving as a place to put your mattress, bed frames actually have a lot of surprising benefits! 

Increase the lifespan of your mattress

Using a slatted bed frame can increase the lifespan of your mattress by improving ventilation. Moisture build-up can result in mould and mildew, so the more airflow the better!

If you do need to use your mattress on the floor while you wait for your bed frame to arrive, make sure to thoroughly dry the surface first and keep your bedroom windows open to allow for airflow. 

Extra storage space

A bed frame with space for storage is a great way to get the most out of your bedroom space, especially if your room is on the smaller side. Bed frames that sit off the ground are perfect for storing larger items, while some bed frames will have inbuilt drawers to store smaller items. 

Some bed frames on the market may also sit above the ground, but have a central beam or core that supports the frame. This makes storing items underneath not possible, so avoid these bases if storage is important to you. 

Eva Timer Bed Frame under bed storage  

Better for your health

Sleeping close to the floor may mean you are subject to breathing in more dust and dirt particles than if you elevated your bed off the ground.

For those who love the aesthetic of a bed frame closer to the ground, opt for a platform or floating frame which will give you a similar look without the side effects. 

If finances are coming in between you and the bed frame of your dreams, most retailers now offer interest-free finance options, so you can sleep now and pay later.

Elevates your space

How your bedroom looks may not be technically as important as function, but you can’t argue that a well-styled bedroom doesn’t boost your mood! The Eva Timber Bed Frame is made from real timber which not only has a calming effect but also suits any bedroom aesthetic. Winner of the Good Design Award 2020, the Eva Timber Bed Frame perfectly marries form and function. 

Important factors to consider when buying a bed frame


Sizing and height

One of the most crucial factors to consider when looking for the perfect bed frame are the dimensions of the frame. Many brands sold in Australia are not actually made to Australian sizing. If this is the case, they may not fit your mattress properly. You can easily avoid this by checking the measurements of your mattress and the frame before purchase.

If you have kids or issues getting in and out of bed, it’s also important to make sure your bed frame and mattress combined won’t be too high off the ground. 

Easy Assembly

Bed frames can be a pain to assemble, so opt for a base that can be easily put together (preferably with zero tools). If your bed frame has complicated instructions or hundreds of screws, it may be more stress than it’s worth! 

The Eva Timber Bed Frame has only four simple instructions and can be assembled (or disassembled) in under five minutes with no tools in sight! Plus, your bed frame will be delivered for free no matter where you are in Australia. 

Trial and return policy 

Many reputable brands offer bed frame trials from 30 - 120 days. We offer 100 days. This will allow you to sleep on your new bed frame in the comfort of your own home to make sure it’s right for you. Read the fine print beforehand though, as some companies may have conditions or charge for returns.

Squeak-free construction

If you’ve ever owned a squeaking bed base, you know how disruptive it can be when you're tossing and turning at night. Some bed frames like the Eva Timber Bed Frame are guaranteed squeak-free, so you can be sure you won’t run into this annoying issue down the track. 

If your bed frame will be used on wooden floorboards, make sure you pop protective pads under each of the legs to keep the bed frame secure and to stop it from scratching the floor. Floor protectors can be purchased from most hardware stores.  

Sustainability and health certifications

When opting for a bed frame made from timber, check the base’s certifications to ensure it’s non-toxic and that the timber comes from sustainably managed forests. Some bases may use toxic glues or cheap fabrics, so it’s always good to ask the supplier for this information. After all, you will be spending a lot of time with your new base! 


As we mentioned above, a good bed frame can elevate your space. If you plan on keeping your bed frame for a while, opt for a timeless, minimalist design that won’t go out of style! 

High-quality timber usually works best for longevity as it won’t damage as easily as a fabric-covered base. 

If cords and charging cables throw off your zen, look for a bed frame with cable management (like found in the Eva Timber Bed Frame) to keep your space tidy. 

Eva Timber Bed Frame flat slats minimalist design


Types of bed frames 


Slatted frames

Slatted frames offer great airflow to the mattress which can help you maintain your ideal body temperature while you rest. They also allow the mattress to breathe which is important for damp, humid climates. In some cases, they can also be easier to take apart and move as opposed to a heavy, solid bed frame. If using a slatted base, make sure the slats are no more than 8cm apart for adequate support. 

The two most common slatted frames are flexi and flat slats. Visually, these bases are similar but when it comes to function they are quite different! 

Flexi slats

Commonly known as sprung slats, a flexi slatted bed frame gets its name from the flexible, curved slats it uses. One advantage of flexi slats is they can adjust to your sleeping position and movements by offering a little bit of ‘give’ in the slats. However, this kind of base often offers less support due to the bend in the slats and may cause sagging in spring mattresses. 

Flexi slats can be cheaper to make and purchase, which is why they have increased in popularity, but they may not be the best choice for longevity.

Flat Slats

Flat slats are precisely what their name suggests! These flat, solid slats have no bend or give and are known for their excellent support. Flat slats work well with any type of mattress as they provide a stable base that will not cause damage to the mattress. 

Slatted frames 


  • Room for storage 
  • Allow the mattress to breathe 
  • Inexpensive
  • Often easier to move 


  • Require assembly
  • Flexi slats can cause issues with your mattress and may not be best for longevity. 

Box spring frames

Generally sold together with a mattress, box spring bed frames are fabric-covered frames that include a layer of springs. The reason for this is that box spring frames are said to allow for added flexibility of movement. While some love this added ‘bounce’, box springs are definitely not for everyone, and many mattresses will not suit a box spring frame. A box spring foundation will also make your mattress higher off the ground which can be an issue for kids or those who have trouble getting in or out of bed. 


  • Can allow flexibility of movement
  • Often aesthetically pleasing 


  • Usually no room for storage 
  • Does not suit all mattresses
  • Heavy and difficult to move
  • Can be expensive 
  • Not breathable
  • High partner disturbance

Adjustable frames

Adjustable bed frames are electronically controlled via a remote and allow the sleeper to change position with the click of a button. Adjustable bed frames are great for those who suffer from injuries or who may have trouble sitting up or getting out of bed. 

Unfortunately, adjustable bed frames don’t work with many types of mattresses as the different movements can cause damage to the springs and foam. 


  • Allows elderly people or those with injuries to get out of bed without assistance 


  • Usually limited storage room 
  • Does not suit all mattresses
  • Heavy and difficult to move
  • Expensive 

Assembling Eva Timber Bed Frame slats

What’s the best bed frame for back problems?

When it comes to back problems, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. That being said, bed frames that have flat, supportive slats will provide you with the best support. If you are using a high-quality mattress, a flat or solid base will allow the mattress to do its job in supporting your back, while providing adequate airflow to reduce the growth of nasty things like mould or mildew. 

Best bed frame

As a rule of thumb, the best frame for your mattress is a flat, solid base that allows the mattress to breathe properly. Flat, slatted bases (such as the Eva Timber Bed Frame), tend to be best for this. 

Once you’ve found the bed frame of your dreams, make sure it works with your mattress and ticks all the boxes mentioned above like a trial period, adequate warranty, easy assembly, and durable, squeak-free construction. 

If your bed frame has all those features, you can’t go wrong!