Australia's Best Bed In a Box

Read on to see what a bed in a box is, benefits of choosing a bed in a box online over traditional mattress stores, and what you can expect when unboxing one.

What is it?

A mattress in a box that has been compressed, vacuum-sealed, and rolled tight to fit into a compact box. This means you get to worry less about how you’re going to get it home and get more sweet, sweet time on your brand new mattress.

Setting it up is as easy as laying it flat on your bed frame, cutting open the plastic wrapping, and then watching it unroll and expand before your eyes!

Mattress in a box benefits

Cost does not always equate to comfort. You heard it here first.

How to choose the best bed in a box?

For something you’ll spend 1/3 of your life on, you’d want to invest in a quality mattress that’s just right for you.
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Not just foam

While most bed-in-a-boxes are foam only, hybrid mattresses incorporate pocket springs that improve longevity, breathability and pressure relief.

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Third party verified

Independent reviewers such as CHOICE® and Finder can help guide you towards well researched and unbiased information for your needs.

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Built to last

A cheap mattress can be suitable for a quick-fix, but often indicates poor quality. Look for an extensive warranty that lasts for at least 10-15 years for quality assurance.

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Free trial periods

You need at least 30 nights to ‘break into’ a mattress so mattress trials need to be at least this long. Also, check with customer service for ease of return if you need it.

See why Eva is the perfect bed in a box

Experience the comfort of memory foam, latex foam and pocket springs with the hybrid Eva Mattress. Made from a 5-zone pocket spring system (not just fancy mattress speak!), it provides personalised support contoured to your body just right. Try it now for 365 days — love it or get your money back.

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    Free Delivery

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    365 Day Trial

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    12 Year Warranty

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    4x Award Winning

Which size is right for you?

When deciding on the size of your bed-in-a-box, check out what space you have in your bedroom, if you’re sharing it with someone else, and your own height.

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92cm x 188cm

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King Single

107cm x 203cm

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138cm x 188cm

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153cm x 203cm

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183cm x 203cm

Free delivery and returns

We know that you know best. That’s why we give you 365 days — with no strings attached — to try out any Eva product in the comfort of your own home. That’s 1 year of snuggling, sleeping, and Netflix-ing, so you can get to know Eva. You’re going to be spending a lot of time together, so we want you to know you’ve made the right choice.