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Why we have the best pocket spring mattress in Australia

James Marshall, a Canadian-born machinist and engineer, invented pocket springs in 1899. These pre-compressed cylindrical coil springs, also referred to as 'Marshall coils', 'encased coils', or 'encased springs', were sewn into a pocket of material, creating a new standard for comfort and support. 

Buying an online mattress in Australia and joining in on the mattress in a box trend is tempting for many people looking to save money on a high-quality mattress. A hybrid pocket spring mattress provides the perfect mattress upgrade combining memory foam and pocket springs to provide pressure relief and a touch of bounce. If you’re looking for the best mattress in a box in Australia, a hybrid pocket spring mattress is hard to beat in terms of support, comfort, and quality.

Latex Mattress Australia

Why choose a hybrid pocket spring mattress like the Eva Mattress over other latex mattress options in Australia? Latex mattresses are often recommended as an alternative to memory foam. They offer a similar degree of support to memory foam mattresses, but with less of a “quicksand” feel that some people dislike. Some latex mattresses are made from natural materials, while others are synthetic.

Latex mattresses tend to be recommended for side sleepers, people who are overweight, and for people who want support and motion isolation while still keeping some “bounce.” However, it can be hard to find a quality latex mattress, and latex mattresses can be prohibitively expensive. Some people also find that their latex mattress lets off an unpleasant “off-gassing” odour.

Latex vs Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam tends to feel more dense and moulds to the exact shape of your body. Latex gets its springier feel from its greater elasticity. This elasticity is what gives latex its bouncy response time, and provides a more general, spread-out support. So both materials have their benefits.

Memory foam mattresses can be a game-changer for people with back pain. This material conforms to your body and relieves pressure that traditional spring mattresses from back in the day just couldn’t do. One of the main complaints about memory foam is that it tends to hold heat, which can be a dealbreaker for people who tend to sleep hot or suffer from night sweats. Gel-infused memory foam was developed in response to this issue, and offers better temperature regulation to help you stay cool. The gel can also make memory foam feel smoother and less like “quicksand!”

Adding in an under-layer of pocket springs is one way to increase the responsiveness of latex even further while providing support that contours to the shape of your body. If you’re looking for the best pocket spring mattress in Australia, you’re probably interested in getting more support while maintaining the responsive feel of a spring mattress. Pocket spring mattresses are also a great choice for sleeping with a partner. Similar to memory foam, the pocket spring design resists dipping in the middle and “rolling” your bodies into the dip.

Why Choose a Pocket Spring and Latex Mattress?

The combination pocket spring and latex mattress is a unique hybrid mattress combining the best features of springs, memory foam, and latex. The latex can act as a central layer stacked between memory foam and pocket springs.

Pocket springs can also be used to add edge support to a mattress. Have you ever sat down on the end of your bed to tie your shoes, but found yourself sinking down to an uncomfortable level? Edge support reinforces the edges of your mattress with stiffer or denser springs so it stands firm if you sit down on it, so you won’t have to launch yourself off the bed to stand up!

The layer of latex underneath provides a more dense supportive feel while also giving back the springy bounce (combined with the pocket spring and micro-spring layers) that many people miss from traditional spring mattresses. Latex is also breathable, antimicrobial, and hypoallergenic, and the latex in the Eva mattress is naturally derived from the rubber tree rather than synthetic.

Using latex with other materials can keep a bed in a box from getting too heavy to comfortably move and adjust, and layering it with memory foam and springs can provide a more traditional cushioned feel with the latex adding support rather than getting a whiff of the rubbery latex smell when you sit down.

If you’ve tried out a latex mattress but found it lacked the bounce and support you’re looking for, or like pocket springs but want more firm contouring support, a hybrid combining both may be the best pocket spring mattress for your needs!

The Eva Mattress Reviews

Product reviews can give you a better idea of what a mattress offers, and the Eva mattress reviews show a lot of satisfied customers. Eva also won Australia’s 2017/18 Best Mattress in a Box award from the Bedbuyer expert mattress review site and was a CHOICE recommended mattress. Eva Mattress Australia has received top marks from customers and expert reviewers for customer service, quality, and comfort.

Why People Choose the Eva Mattress

People who choose the Eva mattress and like it tend to…

  • Want a combination of quality and value
  • Like spring mattresses, but also want support and pressure relief
  • Be back or side sleepers
  • Want a durable mattress that can be placed on the floor or a bed frame
  • Want some motion isolation, but are willing to trade a small degree of motion transfer for better bounce and ease of getting out of bed
  • Seek out mattress materials that follow strict standards and quality controls