What does 'Recommended by CHOICE® Experts' actually mean?

Eva Mattress Choice Recommended

This week we announced some exciting news!

If you haven't heard, the Eva Mattress is now recognised as a CHOICE® recommended product!  

Whilst our office was busy swimming in a pool of Labrador puppies to celebrate (not really, but we can dream) and screaming "WE DID IT!" (that happened) many of you were like "Sounds good, but what does that actually mean?"

Allow us to explain. 

If you haven't heard of CHOICE®, have you been living under a virtual rock?!

CHOICE® have been helping Australians make educated, unbiased choices for the last 60 years. In fact, in Australia, they are the leaders in their field. If CHOICE® recommends your product, you know you're onto something great! In short, they are kind of a big deal.

CHOICE® is a non-profit organisation, whose sole purpose is to provide Australians with well-researched information on products, to ensure consumers are getting the best product (and the best deal) possible. They're not afraid to call out companies for offering unethical or misleading products and are 100% independent, meaning you can't pay to be 'recommended' (i.e receive a positive review). 

If you're wondering how CHOICE® rigorously tests all products they recommend (and don't recommend) it's a combination of: 

  • Scientific testing in their accredited labs
  • Genuine expert opinion (expert's actual opinion, free from influence)
  • Verified data analysis (fact-checked before published)
  • Products and services as you would buy them (wherever possible, CHOICE® purchases the products from retailers or via mystery shoppers)
  • Independent surveys, and/or
  • Fun (like asking kids to test Easter eggs) 

Pretty incredible, right? And we're not just talking about the Easter egg testing! 

So how did Eva become recommended by CHOICE®?

Our small Melbourne team are always striving to design high quality furniture that will fit your home perfectly. And we don't rush this process — Eva products are thoughtful. They are tested by real people until as hard as we try, we can't find a single flaw. We take our time because in a world where everything is rushed, we think it's important to slow down, to get it right.

That's why being recommended by CHOICE® is not just an exciting milestone; it's a reflection of the hard work we put in every day, to ensure each Eva product is worthy of not only a CHOICE® recommendation, but worthy to be in the homes of our customers. 

So now you've climbed out from under your virtual rock and know that the Eva Mattress is recommended by CHOICE® experts, we suggest going back — it's pretty crazy out here right now. But before you do, take advantage of our 120-night trial and try the Eva Mattress in the comfort of your own home, risk-free. 

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