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What makes an award winning mattress?

On average you’ll spend about a third of your life with your head on the pillow. And in these 230,000 hours, it’s important that your body is supported, comfortable and you’re sleeping on something that’s built to last. And the best way to ensure that? By choosing an award-winning mattress.

Eva Mattress was recently awarded the title of ‘Australia’s Best Mattress in a Box’ for 2017-18 by BedBuyer — a 100% independent and unbiased Australian review platform. Each year, their expert panel of chiropractors individually accesses over 500 mattresses across the country to discover which brands will give you the best sleep for your cents.

Here’s what makes Eva an award-winning mattress.

Comfort & Spinal Support

No mattress wins an award without offering incredible comfort. It’s basic mattress mathematics. This is why our hybrid mattress features no less than six layers of combined support technology.

Most brands traditionally offer only a few layers of foam as their sleep surface, but for us that’s just not enough. Our sleep scientists have found that for many, foam alone did not do all the work required for a restful night’s sleep. In response, we took the best qualities of memory foam & combined it with our patented 5-zone pocket spring technology to produce our unique hybrid mattress feel. Our best-of-both-worlds approach means we can keep our firm feeling support that our customers love and relieve pressure from major areas of your body with cloud-like comfort on top. We do all this without your mattress feeling like quicksand, trapping huge volumes of body heat & moisture or any of the other pitfalls of foam only mattresses.

This hybrid combination is our secret weapon and it’s what make our affordable mattresses feel like the kind of mattresses that cost a bomb and make you sleep like a baby. Together it’s a combination that’s unique to an Eva mattress and a level of support that’s unmet by any other brand on the market.


There is one thing we want you to do when you get your new Eva Mattress, forget about it*.

Seriously, our aim is that you are so comfortable & supported during the night that you consider that mattress problem well and truly solved. When designing the Eva Mattress, we wanted to have it solved for up to 10 years, because if your mattress isn’t built to last, you better hope your wallet is. Bagging a bargain mattress can sound like a great idea initially, but soon you’re going to have to replace it. And replace it again. And then after a decade, you realise you’ve spent twice as much as you would have on a single quality mattress.

Our gel memory foam is designed for maximum pressure relief & infused with millions of gel beads to maintain perfect temperature through the night. Our quality natural latex is dust-mite resistant and antimicrobial. The micro springs in our top layer are specifically designed to support as close to the body’s contours as possible. Our high-density support foam is built to 25kgm3 for slow molding around your body’s pressure points & our five zone pocket springs to keep you supported and comfortable.

Each of our mattresses also comes with a 10-year warranty and a 365 day trial period, which means there’s absolutely no risk for your wallet.

*you’ll definitely tell all your friends about it first.

An Actual Award

As you read earlier, Eva Mattress recently won the title of ‘Australia’s Best Mattress in a Box’ for 2017-18 by the expert bed reviewers at who declared that it ranks as the premier brand on the market Down Under. This decision was made by a team of qualified chiropractors who carefully examined a range of similar products and made their assessment based on five key categories most important to consumers: comfort, spinal support, quality, value for money and partner disturbance.

Without blowing our own horn, award-winning mattresses like Eva Mattress exist to ensure you get the most comfortable and supportive night’s sleep possible. Not only are they an investment in your back, bank and energy levels, but they’re a dream to sleep on (just ask Make the best choice for your sleep and put an Eva Mattress on your bed.

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