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Introducing: Eva Reloved

Furniture waste is a serious environmental issue. According to a survey, Australian households each send around 24kg of wooden furniture to landfills each year. And around a million mattresses are sent to landfill annually in Australia. 

Here at Eva, we think furniture should find its forever home - never the landfill. If a piece has come to the end of its journey in a home, it can be rehomed and reloved anew. 

That’s why we’ve launched our Reloved program.

Eva Reloved program

What is Reloved?

Reloved is a range of near-new products whose first owners found they weren’t quite the right fit. Our goal is to find these products their forever home, at a discounted price. That way it benefits the planet, your budget and your space. 

We believe second hand furniture can still be high in quality, whilst being low in price and environmental impact. We take our time designing our products, usually spending over a year ensuring every Eva piece is of great quality and made to last in your space. So when you buy second hand furniture from Reloved, there’s no doubt of its durability.

Plus, products sold as part of Reloved have all been returned within their 365 day trial, so they’re less than a year old. Each product comes with a warranty for your peace of mind, and is checked and cleaned to ensure good-as-new condition before it’s made available on Reloved. 

How does Reloved work?

While most of our returned products are donated to charity, those that can’t make it to a donation centre come back to our Reloved warehouse in Melbourne. Here’s what happens from there:

Follow this link and make sure you sign up to the mailing list at the bottom of the page, because that’s the only way to get notified when there’s a new drop on Reloved! 

For the moment, there’s the Eva mattress, pillow and All Day sofa available. But keep an eye on your inbox for more to come! 


Eva’s Reloved program brings us one step closer to finding a forever home for every single one of our products. We’re so glad you’re here for the journey of reducing, rehoming and reloving great furniture.