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Comfort Classic Mattress vs Premium Adapt Mattress - what’s the difference?

It’s been a big week for Eva! We launched our newest mattress - the Premium Adapt Matress (formerly known as the Eva Mattress Plus). 

The Premium Adapt has been a long time coming - we’re talking years. We took our time because we wanted to be sure that our next mattress was a worthwhile addition to the Eva home, alongside our original Comfort Classic Mattress (formerly known as the Eva Mattress). Now we can say with confidence that it is. 

So what makes the Premium Adapt Mattress different from the Comfort Classic Mattress? 


1. Trailblazing edge support.

Our Comfort Classic Mattress has great edge support. It has twice-tempered steel pocket springs that cover the entire area of the mattress, providing a strong foundation so even the edges remain sturdy. This is true for most mattresses-in-a-box worth their money. However, with the Premium Adapt Mattress, we wanted to go the extra mile. 

A lot of high-end mattresses from traditional retailers have a foam encasement around the edges of the mattress, with the dedicated purpose of edge support. However, this is rarely seen in online mattresses because it’s tricky to compress this foam into a box. But we were determined, because edge support means a lot to us. Who doesn’t like to roll all over the bed, and be able to easily sit up when you’re getting out in the morning? It’s kind of a big deal, so we made it happen.



2. New and improved foams

The three foams included in our Comfort Classic Mattress were carefully selected by our expert team when we started back in 2017, each with a specific purpose.

The top layer of gel memory foam is infused with gel microbeads that cradle your body and relieve pressure from joints. The gel beads help create a breathable foam, to regulate temperature while you sleep. 

The latex foam beneath the gel foam is also well-ventilated for temperature regulation. Plus, it’s antimicrobial and dust-mite resistant for a fresher mattress. 

The density foam is the core of the Comfort Classic Mattress, providing strong support as the bottom layer and keeping it sturdy above the foundation of steel pocket springs. We kept this foam in the Premium Adapt Mattress as what we call the Support layer, because it's perfect at doing just that. The difference is, with the Premium Adapt Mattress, you can bring this layer of foam to the top to feel the full effect of strong support against your body. This is ideal if you suffer particularly from joint pressure, back pain, or you’ve just had a tiring day and need an extra supportive sleep. 

For the Premium Adapt Mattress, we knew that temperature regulation was a key factor to consider as it was a vital part of the Comfort Classic Mattress with the gel foam. And our customers loved it too:

“It’s the perfect firmness for me without feeling hard and the gel beads always seem to have a nice cooling effect so I never feel overcooked or hot in summer. This mattress feels luxurious!” - Brooke, a happy Comfort Classic Mattress customer

So when making the Premium Adapt Mattress, we knew it needed to have temperature regulating properties. That’s where the CoolMax™ fabric comes in. Instead of incorporating a foam layer that regulates temperature, we made the outermost fabric layer (that’s also removable and machine washable, but more on that later) with CoolMax™ material because it's developed specially for temperature control. This way, the foams could be dedicated to comfort and support. Now there’s no more overheating when you’re trying to spoon your partner. Or waking up with all the covers thrown onto the floor in what must have been a sweaty, angry, half-asleep protest… we’re definitely not speaking from experience. 

When it came to the Comfort layer of the Premium Adapt Mattress, we wanted it to have two sides to give you the option to choose your comfort. Thus, we added Air Memory foam to one side and Cloud foam on the other, with MDI foam in the centre to separate the two for maximum differentiation. 

With ventilation properties that also aid in temperature regulation, the Air Memory foam and Cloud foam were decided to be the perfect combination for the two-sided Comfort layer. This was after hundreds of hours of user testing, in which our product developers tried countless combinations of different foams until they got ideal feedback from sleepers. 

The Air memory foam creates a luxuriously smooth melting feeling as you first lie down, giving a hotel-bed feel to the mattress. Flipping the Comfort layer over, the Cloud foam makes for a springier, cloud-like experience that sleepers truly loved when they needed a little extra nudge of support.

3. Machine washable covers

We said this would come up again! You heard right, you can remove the outer layer of the Premium Adapt Mattress and wash it on a gentle cycle whenever you feel like a freshen up. 

Although it’s pretty easy to clean the Comfort Classic Mattress, there’s no denying that getting the washing machine to do it for you is pretty fantastic.


4. One word: customisability

This is the biggest difference between our two mattresses. It’s also a big difference that sets the Premium Adapt Mattress ahead of the rest of the mattress game. Being able to customise your mattress at home, whenever you like. 

Easily change between firmnesses and textures at the turn of a layer, according to your needs. We’re pretty excited about this one, and you can read in detail about it here.


The not-so-differences

There are still a few similarities between our two mattresses. Both come with free delivery, free returns and a 365 day trial to try it in your own home. Both are made by a B Corp company dedicated to making products that improve your life, without harming the planet. Both give a great night’s sleep. 

Essentially, the Premium Adapt Mattress is the new and improved version of the Eva Mattress in almost all aspects, plus it has the added feature of customisability which means it will suit your sleep needs as they change. However, if you’re prioritising value and looking for a great night’s sleep on a smaller budget, the Eva Mattress has your back and is still the bed-in-a-box with thousands of five-star reviews.