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Notes from the design workshop: Premium Adapt Mattress

Life is always changing. As you pick up a new sport, or start a new career path, or start a family, your sleep needs may change too.

Here at Eva, we get that. So we combined the mattress expertise of our design and product teams, plus our experience making a mattress with countless awards and 5-star reviews, plus a couple of years spent researching and user testing.
The final product: a mattress that changes with you - the Premium Adapt Mattress (formerly known as the Eva Mattress Plus).

“The Premium Adapt suits you, in whatever stage of life you’re in.” - Ken, Founder

Chances are, you know Eva for our mattresses. For five years the Eva Mattress has been our best-selling product, so we’ve gotten pretty good at making sure our sleepers are satisfied. 

With the Premium Adapt, we wanted to take it to the next level - improve every feature and add a little more luxury. Plus, we’ve added a trailblazing new feature: customisability. 


Taking the guessing game out of mattress shopping

“If the challenge is people picking the right firmness for themselves, why not make a mattress where you can choose and change the firmness?” - Nathan, Product Manager

We know the struggle of finding the perfect mattress. Buying online means you can’t try it until it’s in your house, so you click ‘buy’ and hope the firmness agrees with your back (although a 365 day trial helps to combat this fear). And in a store it’s not much better - the awkward crinkle of the plastic sheet as you lie on a display bed in front of a salesperson and half a dozen shoppers… your judgement of the perfect night’s sleep isn’t at its best. 

So we thought: let’s make a mattress with adjustable firmnesses that you can change in your home.

The Premium Adapt comes with three different firmness levels straight out of the box, that you can adjust very easily, whenever you like, at just the flip of a layer. 

We’ve taken the guesswork out of buying a bed. You know your mattress will be the perfect comfort level for you, because you’re the one choosing the firmness.


Your kind of comfort

Our design team wanted the Premium Adapt to be flexible so your mattress can change with your changing sleep needs. We researched and spent hundreds of hours user testing to find the ideal firmness levels to give the mattress - testing over 20 foam configurations in total. They came to find these were medium-soft, medium and firm.  

“Our most important discovery and the essence of the Premium Adapt Mattress was this: people like a supportive mattress that feels soft, comfy and springy at the beginning - so we translated that into the plush Comfort layer, paired with the firm Support layer.” - Susie, Product Developer

If you’re a lover of the luxurious, melting sensation of a top-shelf mattress, the Medium-soft is for you. Characterised by the feeling of being held softly by your bed as the top foam conforms to your body. 

The Medium firmness level is a little springier and closer to the Eva signature ‘cloud like comfort’ that we’ve finessed with our original mattress and perfected in the Premium Adapt. 

The Firm level is for those who prioritise support, as this configuration gives instant and solid relief to pain points, without the frills. 

And if you don’t know what firmness level you suit best - you don’t need to! You can try each one out in the comfort of your own home, and simply flip a layer to the next firmness level when you please.

“My favourite thing about the Premium Adapt is that it’s a supportive mattress that feels soft when you first lie down, giving an immediate sense of comfort without compromising support. It’s also so versatile, it’s like having three products in one!” - Susie, Product Developer


All the bells and whistles

We were looking to upgrade everything from the Eva Mattress to make the Premium Adapt. That involved reassessing our edge support technology, searching for newer and even better foams, as well as adding a few more nice touches for a little extra enjoyment. 

The edge support in the Eva Mattress comes from the foundation of steel pocket springs that lie beneath the foams to give support to the entirety of the bed, including the edges. For the Premium Adapt, the design team approached it from a new angle. They added a dedicated foam encasement around the pocket springs, specifically for the sake of strong edge support. This is virtually unseen in other mattresses you can buy online, as it’s tricky to compress this layer of foam into a box. But we did it - just for you. 

The outer cover of the Premium Adapt is removable and machine washable, so you can keep your bed fresh always. It’s also made with CoolMax™ fabric to regulate temperature while you sleep - so you stay cool in summer and warm in winter. We’ve also added vegan leather handles to the mattress, for some extra help when changing the sheets.

Eva’s been offering the same great mattress since our origins. We really wanted to take our time and know our facts before we designed another one. So, although it took a few years, we know that the Premium Adapt was made from a place of deep sleep knowledge, with only the best materials and highest quality. We can’t wait for you to try it. 

Sleep on it for 365 days with our trial, and enjoy bedtime every night, no matter what life stage you’re in.