Our Impact

At Eva, we believe everyone deserves a great night’s sleep. That’s why we do our part (with the help of our customers) to donate 2% of revenue — from our mattress donations to our ongoing commitment to StreetSmart to end homelessness.

Raised for StreetSmart in 2021

These funds will be distributed among vulnerable families, women and LGBTQIA+ youth in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane as part of StreetSmart’s Making-a-Home initiative.
We donate 1% from every mattress sale to StreetSmart.
Who are StreetSmart?

StreetSmart believes everyone should have a safe and secure place to call home. They work to raise funds and awareness to bring about change for people at risk or experiencing homelessness.

To date, they’ve distributed close to 8 million dollars, to almost 800 local homeless charities across the country. StreetSmart focus on providing grants to small, grassroots homeless services to help provide practical and vital aid.

Why we partner with StreetSmart?

Every product we design at Eva is to make your life more comfortable. But sadly over 116,000 people experience homelessness every night in Australia, and don’t have access to the daily essentials we take for granted.

This is why we jumped at the chance to partner with StreetSmart to help those in need live a more comfortable life.

With the Making-a-Home initiative, each household will receive up to $1000 worth of home items of their choosing to help make their new accommodation feel like a home.

Mattresses donated

Over the last few years, we’ve donated over 3000 mattresses to the Salvation Army and other charities to help out those sleeping rough. Through our brand new and used mattress donations, we hope to spread the benefits of sleeping soundly far and wide and reduce the hurdles that stand between those in need and the improved circumstances they deserve.

VincentCare Ozanam House

Ozanam House in North Melbourne acts as a safe haven for those experiencing homelessness and provides accommodation and health care to help get people back on their feet. In 2019, we jumped at the opportunity to donate 136 brand new Eva Mattresses to fit out the entire Ozanam building. At Eva, we know a mattress means more than just a good night’s sleep. A comfortable place to rest can help people who have been rough sleeping get the rest they deserve.

Children First Foundation

Children First Foundation has been facilitating life-changing — and often life-saving — surgery for disadvantaged children from developing countries since 1999. These are usually complicated surgeries with extended recovery times, so having a comfortable bed is crucial to help these kids and their parents get back on their feet. In 2020, Eva donated 25 brand new Eva Mattresses to Children First Foundation and got to meet the passionate team behind this organisation.
Our Mattress Donations

More Sleep, Less Waste

If you change your mind before your 365 day trial is up and want to return your Eva Mattress, our charity partners will collect it free of charge and pass it on to someone in need. This initiative also keeps the mattress out of landfill and reduces Eva’s environmental impact. 

Proud to be B Corp certified

As a B Corp, we maintain high social and environmental standards. We’re committed to building a more sustainable economy and a kinder future.
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Eva’s Commitment

“We donate 1% from every mattress sale to StreetSmart because everyone deserves to have a safe and comfortable place to call home.”