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30 day adjustment

Getting to know your Eva products

At Eva we want our customers to be sure that our products are the right choice for you and your home. We’re conscious of ensuring that our production and return practices create as little waste as possible, while also contributing to more mindful purchasing decisions.

So, with an eye to sustainability and ensuring our customers have enough time to really test out our products, we have a minimum 30 days ‘adjustment period’ before any product can be returned.

It’s a focus for our support team to make sure that all customers have the opportunity to find their right fit. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our Customer Support Team to chat about your experience at any point, and we’ll work on finding a way to make your product work for you! If after 30 days you’d like to proceed with a return and refund, we can get that process started right away.

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See what our Eva Community think

Whole Family & Visitors rave about this mattress!

"We bought this mattress a few years ago for our King bed and recently purchased it for our guest room. Everyone wakes up and asks about the mattress as they had the most comfortable sleep!"

Jasmine A.

This is your sign to buy an Eva bed

"Where do I start, I believe this is the best mattress in a box that you can get your hands on. Purchased with a generous discount code and when it was delivered, the mattress came with wheels on the bottom of the box which was very handy. Was super super easy to set up as well."

Maureen I.

Perfect support and comfort.

"This is great for a side sleeper, I find it has a perfect mix between plushness and support"

Jamie H.

So comfy

"This is one of the comfiest mattresses we've ever slept on! Great delivery and amazing service. 100% recommend!"

Samuel J.