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Tips for styling your home with your partner

If you’re anything like us, you’ve had an image in your head of what your dream home looks like since… well forever. Or you at least have a style of your own that you follow when decorating a new space. 

But then, of course, you meet someone. You move in with them. They’re great, but their idea of styling the living room is to blue-tac a Pulp Fiction poster above the TV and lug the old secondhand sofa into the corner of the room. 

So what to do? Well, unfortunately, we aren’t qualified relationship counsellors. BUT we can offer a few interior design tips to make a home both you and your partner love and feel comfortable in. 

couple sitting on Eva's All Day sofa in a living room, they are wrapped in a blanket and smiling at each other

Find common ground.

This should be an easy one for a couple: find things you have in common and incorporate them into your space. Both love to watch something grow? Get some leafy plants for your lounge room. Have a shared passion for abstract art? Hang a few of your favourite pieces from the walls. 

Another way to make the space more personal and sentimental to you both is to include framed photographs of people you love, or of both of you together. It’s an oldie but a goodie.

Tie it together with neutral colours.

Whites, creams, greys and some soft browns or greens are the ideal neutral colours that keep a home feeling warm and personal, whilst appealing to almost everyone. You both have your individual styles, so by giving them a neutral foundation you can marry them together more easily. Neutral colours tend to complement every style, so it's a worthwhile investment as you develop your collective taste. 

Our hemp linen sheets are modelled on colours found in nature. Oat, white, grey and olive are your safe bets. As a couple you’ll (hopefully) be able to come to a decision with such a widely-appealing range of colours to choose from. Our Everyday sofa also comes in oat, grey and moss green. 

Eva hemp linen sheets in olive and oat. Eva hemp linen sheets in oat and olive.

Stick to the essentials.

At least for the beginning of your interior styling journey together, stick to the essentials. We recommend getting them perfect before you move onto the finer details (“which vase is more us?”). 

For the bedroom, bedside tables and a sturdy bed frame are paramount for practicality and aesthetics. Stick to timber and wooden finishes for a timeless look that can adapt to the style you and your partner eventually settle on. 

In the living room, your couch is the hub for relaxation and socialising when guests are over - so make sure you both are in love with whatever sofa you select. And don’t forget the essential coffee table to match. On this front, Eva has you covered with our living room bundles, including a sofa and coffee table for a lower combined price.

Shop together.

Do your shopping for furniture and house items together! Not only will it save the wide-eyed expression of shock when your partner returns home to find your latest purchase at the centre of the dining table, but it will also teach you each other's preferences.

Learn what your partner likes, and more importantly what they dislike, when it comes to furniture so that in future you can make informed decisions without them - argument free.

couple in the Eva bed 

Compromise. And if you can't, pick someone to lead.

Chances are if you’ve made it far enough into the relationship to live together, you’ve probably nailed the compromising part. So utilise that skill here. Keep in mind that you chose your partner for their personality, and part of that is their style. They want to create a home they love as much as you do, so stay calm even if they suggest 70s-style wallpaper. 

If the ‘just compromise’ strategy isn’t making progress, then pick a designated decider. You’ll both have input, but the decider has the final say. You can keep this balanced by switching up who the decider is for different rooms; you take the bedroom, they can take the living room, for example. 

You’re both equal in the relationship, but hey sometimes one of you has to be more equal than the other. 


Happy homemaking!