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Sleeping sustainably: Eco-friendly bedroom considerations

In an age where climate change is (or should be) at the forefront of our minds, the decision to make sustainable changes seems like a logical one. From composting to eating vegan, the route to an eco-friendly lifestyle has many avenues.

While making the choice to be more sustainable comes with a multitude of considerations, starting simple is the easiest way to not feel overwhelmed.

A sweet sustainable slumber

Our bedrooms are an indoor haven for sleeping, relaxing and a place for peace and quiet. But they’re also a space where eco-friendly alternatives are most readily available. 

To aid your sustainable journey, we’ve compiled a few simple solutions in the bedroom to create an eco-friendly oasis.

Eva hemp linen and side table


Timber bed frame 

When choosing a bed frame, we often look for a base made from sturdy materials that are designed for longevity. While deciding on a piece that is built to last is somewhat sustainable in itself, sourcing a material that is eco-friendly is an entirely different ballgame. 

Take the humble wooden bed frame for example. Whilst this seems to state the obvious (as most bed bases have wooden elements), not all wood is sustainable. 

Though wood as a material is renewable, bases like the Eva Timber Bed Frame are made with American oak timber that’s ethically sourced too. Ethical sourcing ensures sustainable forest management and restoration that focuses on conserving the natural habitat of plants and animals and respecting the rights of forestry workers in the process.

Bed linen 

Where once Egyptian cotton sheets were the epitome of luxury, trends change and we’ve ‘cottoned on’ to how the production of fabrics can affect the planet. 

Before you jump for natural fibres when purchasing bedding, how those natural fibres are cultivated, maintained and produced is something to think about when opting for a sustainable fabric.

A natural fibre like hemp is a Mother Nature approved option. The Eva Hemp linen Sheets require 6500% less water to produce than cotton, don't rely on environmentally harmful chemicals for production and requires less land for yielding than flax linen.

Girl laying on bed reading book


Side table

While aesthetic, functionality and size are some of the key purchasing considerations for a bedside table, having a sustainable aspect to a prized piece makes it that little bit more beautiful.

Finding a side table to suit a sustainable life is simple. From recycled furniture to using a pile of your favourite books, there’s more than one way to house your bedside items.

If you're starting afresh or in the market for something new, consider your sustainable options. The Hideaway Side Table, made from American oak timber, is sourced from ethically managed forests, uses timber off-cuts to create bedside coasters and is designed with a minimalistic approach that can be adapted as your bedroom style changes. That way it can remain at your bedside for years to come. 


For those who live in studio spaces or an open plan living environment, your bedroom is also your lounge, kitchen and dining area. Finding pieces to work within the space is a consideration of its own - though if you’re wanting to go the extra mile and factor in sustainability too, then think about how the fabric on items like a couch may be made.

The All Day Sofa is as comfortable as it is eco-friendly. With the structure made from sustainable timber, and our tight weave fabric woven from 100% recycled plastic bottles, waking up from an afternoon nap has never brought such a feeling of achievement.

Girl putting together eva hideaway table

Purchase with purpose

Revamping your bedroom to suit a sustainable lifestyle is the fun part. Find ways to reuse items you already have. Remember your favourite mug with a crack in it that you didn’t have the heart to throw away? Pop in some soil and plant a succulent in it. Or the vase your grandparents gave you that is too much of an eyesore to keep on a shelf? Create mosaic coasters out of it as a way to keep (and make use of) rather than hiding it away.

When decorating your room, consider pieces you’ll want to hold on to forever. With ever-evolving interior trends, it’s easy to get caught up in purchasing items in the moment. Art, plants, fancy rugs – those are there to stay. Purchase with purpose – that’s our motto.

Take baby steps

There’s a lot to learn about sustainability, but it’s a commitment that is both good for us and good for the planet we call home. Start small, take it slow and over time those choices will begin to feel so much like second nature that you’ll dream of mother earth patting you on the back… probably.