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6 things to do instead of drinking this Dry July

It’s Dry July! The month when thousands of Aussies take a break from alcohol to raise money for cancer support.

Even if you’re just cutting back for July, it’s a great idea to do so. Australian households have reported to spend an average of $34.20 each week on alcohol, so it helps the budget to switch to soft drink once in a while. Going sober for five weeks can also improve your quality of sleep, enhance work performance and improve concentration.

So whether you’re participating for charity, or just looking to limit your drinking this month, then we’ve got tips for you on how to enjoy your time as a teetotaler. Here are six things to do instead of drinking this Dry July. 

1. Find a different way to wind down

Having a drink to take the edge off is an indulgence many of us share, so try to find a new way to relax at the end of a long week this Dry July. 

Light up a candle and soak in a hot bath. Or curl up on the sofa and get stuck into the book you’ve been meaning to read for months.

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2. Make morning plans

Cutting out alcohol can increase sleep quality, and help you get an early night if you’re skipping the last few rounds on a Friday night. So now you can make morning plans on the weekends - and stick to them. 

Get out and about on a hike, go for a morning run, or take an early swim. You’ll be able to sneak in some exercise and still have the rest of your day to spend! 

Not a morning person? You’ll still reap the benefits of enjoying your Sunday morning sleep-in without the hangover. Now you can really appreciate the full support of your mattress and the quality of sleep that those few extra hours can bring.

3. Take your social events somewhere new

If your typical Saturday night involves meeting up with friends and catching up over a few beers at a bar, then Dry July is going to be pretty hard without a change of environment. If you take your social events outside of places where drinking is the main activity, it’ll be far easier to stick to your newfound sobriety. 

We suggest activities such as ice skating, playing mini golf, or going to the movies. These are all fun things to do that don’t have to involve alcohol - but the option is still there for your friends. 

Alternatively, you can stay in! Invite friends over for a movie night at your place; eat way too much popcorn, have a catch up and chill out on the couch together. (If you didn’t guess, this option is our favourite.)

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4. Make a mocktail

Cutting alcohol doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the fun. Mocktails can be just as delicious as the real deal, and you get the added enjoyment of experimenting with flavours to find the perfect one for you. 

Our recommended mocktail is a virgin margaritaIt’s fresh, sweet and only needs five ingredients! 

And for those who don’t have time to make their own, you can head to sans drinks for all things non-alcoholic. 

5. Try cooking a new dish

If you need a bigger challenge than mocktails, you can put your culinary skills to the test and try cooking a new dish. 

This is a great way to spend time on a weekday evening - rather than having a few glasses and watching Masterchef, become the chef! It’ll taste even better when you know the effort that went into it. Plus, you’ll want all your senses at their maximum focus for tasting your dish. Who needs wine? 

6. Re-style your space

As we mentioned, cutting out alcohol can save you big bucks in just a month. With all that spare cash, you can reward your hard work by giving your space a glow up. Treat yourself to a new throw for your sofa, a rug to tie together the study, or that luxury linen you’ve been dreaming about. 

Treat yourself in a new way.


You can make a general donation to the Dry July campaign here. Let us know which of these tips you try over on our insta @eva.home. We love hearing from you. Happy Dry July!