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3 EOFY Tips To Help You Start The New Year Fresh

Usually, the end of the financial year is a time of panic — sorting out your finances, meeting with your accountant, a mountain of reports due — but this year we'd like to propose a change in mindset, a fresh start. Sure, it doesn't take away the stress of EOFY, but after the year it's been, it's comforting to think about taking an eraser to what has been 2020 and re-writing it — the new financial year.

Doesn't that sound nice? New, clean, fresh, with only remnants of the old financial year lingering like a bad smell. A smell that can be easily covered with a perfumed mist of dining out, wearing your 'good clothes' and finally catching up with loved ones again (from a 1.5-meter distance, of course). 

So how do we start the new financial year fresh when we are all exhausted? Well, before we get back on the horse that is real life, it's a good idea to schedule in time for a restation (that's a vacation that is just for rest). There’s plenty of ways to do this, but we’ve put together a few of our favourites below. 


Go Outside

It seems obvious, but after being trapped indoors for so long, it’s easy to forget about the crazy concept that is ‘outside’. There’s nothing like getting out into nature to destress with a healthy dose of fresh air and sunshine.

Science shows that spending time outdoors can not only lower your blood pressure, but natural light is also beneficial for helping to regulate your sleep cycle. Less screens, more streams, please. And if your first thought was a streaming service and not a moving body of water, this applies to you tenfold. 


Be Creative

Speaking of screens, our lives have been revolving around homeschooling, trying to find our groove WFH, Zoom calls and way too many Tiktok videos. It’s hardly surprising that web browsing is up 70% and social media engagement is up 63% compared to non-pandemic rates.

Studies also show that blue light from screens can cause a disruption in our circadian rhythm, resulting in poor sleep quality or trouble getting to sleep. For the ultimate refresh, put your laptop and phone out of sight (we recommend a locked box) and take a day to cook, paint, read, catch up with a friend — any screen-less activity that strikes your fancy. 



It’s funny how the more time you spend at home, the more you notice the wear and tear that you subconsciously ignored in pre-iso days. But once you’ve noticed, there’s no going back. If you’ve been meaning to upgrade your mattress or finally throw out those sheets you bought in 2008, now is the time.

Creating space for high-quality items you actually love, will help you move into the new financial year feeling fresh and energised. Plus, it’s a great excuse to hit the EOFY Sales. 

If this year has left you feeling flatter than the soufflè you tried to bake during lockdown, it might be time to try the above remedies. And for those of you who feel you've taken this time to rest, we salute you and your healthy approach to dealing with stress.

So here's to a new year — more rest, more fresh air and less making bread at home. No honestly please stop, your perfect sourdough photos are making me hungry.