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Meet the founder behind Australia's healthiest dog food subscription

Fed up with the lack of healthy dog food options available, Anna Podolsky decided to make her own.

When a diet of fresh whole foods significantly improved the health of her own pup, Anna realised the massive impact diet plays on our furry friends’ wellbeing. 

And after many trials (and taste tests) Lyka Pet Food was born!

Human-grade, nutritious meals that are customised specifically for your doggo, Lyka makes sure every dog gets all the nutrients they need. And if that's not enough, they're delivered to your door so you'll never run out of food again. You can build your custom box here.

To celebrate the launch of our pet-friendly All Day Sofa, we sat down with Anna to chat about how she came to start Lyka and the benefits of switching to healthy dog food.

Boston Terrier in front of Eva Sofa


What is Lyka and how did you come to start it?

Lyka is a convenient dog food subscription service delivering lightly cooked meals to dogs around Australia. I started Lyka after my own experience with my dog named Lyka.

She [Lyka] was about 5 years old and was going through some health issues. She was very itchy, she was shedding fur and had some dental issues. Unimpressed by the dog food on offer at the supermarket, I started cooking for her and the improvements to her health were rapid and dramatic – even friends were commenting on how shiny her coat looked and how happy she was.

After this, I was determined to bring a home-cooked meals service to life and give Australian dogs the chance to live their best, healthiest lives.

To bring this passion to life, I partnered up with Integrative Vet and now Lyka co-founder, Dr. Matthew Muir, who has extensive experience in the natural feeding space and is just as passionate about dog nutrition as I am. And, of course, it only seemed fair that I named the company after the dog that inspired it all!


Pug dog knocking over box Eva Sofa

So, how does Lyka compare to other dog food on the market?

Lyka is made for health, not shelf. All meals are lightly cooked to retain their key nutrients, unlike typical dog foods, which are highly processed to ensure a longer shelf life.

Our meals are delivered frozen for freshness and we only use 100% human-grade ingredients – yes, our team literally taste tests each recipe!

Here at Lyka, we’re all about longer lives for our dogs. If we won’t eat it, we won’t feed it.

What kinds of benefits can our furry friends expect to see when switching to Lyka?

We hear amazing feedback from our Lyka pack members. Some of the immediate changes our customers notice is smaller, less stinky poos, which you can absolutely appreciate as a dog owner.

We also get numerous messages each week from customers in shock about how soft and shiny their dog’s coat, and how much happier their dog is!

In the long term, dogs often see more energy, less itchiness, improved joints and mobility, and better digestion.


We love that Lyka is named after your dog! Can you tell us the cheekiest thing she has ever done? 

My dog Lyka is generally pretty-well behaved, but she does have a cheeky side! When she’s home alone, she spends the whole day sleeping on our bed.

We know this because as we turn the key when arriving home, we can always here the thud as she jumps off the bed and the pitter-patter of her paws as she quickly runs back to her own bed.

By the time we open the door, she’s always in her own bed, thinking she got away with it, but the warm spot on our bed is a dead giveaway – you’ve got to love a cheeky dog!


Man with dog on All Day Sofa

What's been your favourite part of running healthy dog food business so far?

We hear amazing feedback from our customers each week, and it truly makes the long days and late nights worth it to know that everything we are doing is having a tangible impact on the lives of dogs across Australia.