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How to style your space - with Hannah of Hepburn Treehouse

We love a getaway, and Hepburn Treehouse is the perfect spot for a relaxing long weekend - spending the day in nature and the evenings in front of the fire curled up on the couch. 

We spoke to Hannah, the owner of Hepburn Treehouse, who furnished and styled the entire home herself. She collected both preloved and new pieces, including Eva’s Everyday Sofa, Timber Bed Frame and the Eva Mattress. In this interview, she gives us all the tips for styling your own place, DIY projects and the best way to spend a day in Hepburn.

Hi Hannah at Hepburn Treehouse! Can you tell us a little bit about Hepburn Treehouse and its origins for those who don’t know? 

Hello! Thanks for having me!  

The Hepburn Treehouse was an idea born out of a particularly hellish 2.5 years (who didn’t have a terrible time!?) that had me dreaming of creating a haven in the hills that could be an escape for both me and others. My current schedule as an actor has me performing six nights a week in Harry Potter & The Cursed Child, so I figured if I couldn’t be out there enjoying it myself, someone else should! 

I have always loved Hepburn Springs and its surrounding suburbs for its landscape, creative community and ridiculously good food and wine, so when I saw this A-Frame cabin pop up I jumped at it! Its doors have been open since late July and I’m very pleased to say we are extremely busy - I think we all need a chance to run away from the city and reconnect with nature after the past two years and I couldn’t think of a better spot to take a breath.

We heard you styled the whole house yourself, what was your process for that?

I did! I always let the bones of a house inform what the style of the space is, so given ‘The Hepburn Treehouse’ is like a Swiss style chalet, there was definitely inspiration taken from the warm timbers and simplicity of those homes but very much leaning into my love of mid-century modern.

There is a mix of pre-loved finds and new pieces in the space as well as many personal treasures collected over years. There was a LOT of pinterest-ing and instagram stalking (particularly of mid century apartments in Berlin!) and I clocked up many kilometres driving all over Melbourne’s suburbs to collect furniture and tetris-ing them into my boot.

I met so many interesting characters (the couple who sold me their glass coffee table after they purchased a ‘solarium business on a highway and it failed’ is particularly memorable!). I turned the house around in five weeks, painted the entire outside alone on a ladder in 2 degrees and youtubed things like ‘how to plaster a wall’ but I’m very proud of how she turned out!

What inspires you when it comes to interior design?

Great question! It’s a feeling for me. I want a space to be aesthetically pleasing, I want the lighting to be beautiful, I want it to smell delicious but I want to feel relaxed and comfortable enough to put my feet up. It should satisfy the eyes and the heart. 

In terms of particular inspiration, I definitely have a current obsession with mid-century modern style and I have an ongoing love affair with the 1970’s in both fashion and interior!

What materials are your favourite in a room?

I love the use of timber and glass. Timber just immediately warms a space as it is genuinely timeless and glass immediately brings class (unintentional rhyme!) and helps to keep a space feeling as big as possible. And finally, lamps. You can’t have enough in my opinion. A bright white downlight can go in the bin, give me that soft flattering lighting!

We can definitely agree on that! Any tips for those planning to style their own space?

I love reflecting the colour palette of nature in a space, look out the window and go from there! Personal touches make a home, think books, art, candles - but keep it simple & don’t overcrowd! And did I mention lamps?

What are your favourite spots in Hepburn?

Oh there are SO many! But here is your day laid out for you (I’m being bossy but trust me!). You must go to ‘Cliffy’s’ for brunch, followed by a walk around Lake Daylesford, get yourself another coffee and perhaps a treat at ‘Pancho’ and walk around the incredible ‘Mill Market’, an afternoon cheese platter and glass of wine at ‘Winespeake’, off to ‘Wombat Hill House’ to buy your bread for tomorrow’s breakfast, afternoon nap at The Hepburn Treehouse and then a delicious dinner at ‘Beppe’ or ‘Farmers Arms Hotel’. Home to light a fire and snuggle up!

We saw you have the Everyday Sofa, Timber Bed Frame and Eva Mattress! How was your experience with Eva?

I’m a tough customer and Eva honestly exceeded all expectations! I had a strict list of requirements and Eva delivered on all of them. I wanted timeless and stylish looking furniture that would feel luxurious, comfortable and also be sturdy (you can take the covers off the Everyday Sofa and wash them, big tick!).

I had a very fast turnaround time so I was searching for a company that could deliver quickly (rather than telling me the furniture would take months!) and a huge bonus was Eva being Australian owned. This meant that when I wanted to call and speak about having my couch delivered regionally (and down a gravel driveway!) there was someone to answer the phone immediately and resolve all of my concerns.

I honestly couldn’t speak more highly of my experience and guests constantly ask me where both the couch and bed are from which is as high praise as you could hope for - they want to buy them too! 

Lastly, what are you reading, listening to, or watching at the moment?

I’m reading Hannah Gadsby’s ‘Ten Steps To Nanette’, I’m listening to Tom Misch, I’m watching ‘Succession’ and I recommend you do all three of these things too. 


Thanks so much to Hannah for speaking with us. Let us know if you use any of her styling tips in your own space, and show us over on our instagram @eva.home. We love to see it!