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DIY experts Roisin & Zac share their home renovation tips.

Roisin and Zac — the team behind fast-growing Instagram account @geebungalow — sat down with us to talk about renovating their post-war home, where they get their inspiration from, and how to achieve a high-quality finish on a budget.

Geebungalow home renovation living room with white sofa and dining table

How did you start your renovation journey?

Zac and I purchased our first house when we were 22! Renovating was really our only option as the only houses we could afford needed a lot of love! Going into the buying process knowing we were going to renovate the house made things a lot easier as we were really only looking for good bones and a layout that wasn't going to need a lot of structural changes.

What's been the most rewarding experience with renovating your home?

Getting to enjoy the result of all our hard work every day is pretty amazing! We've learnt so many new skills together while renovating which is also a really nice creative outlet as we both work in office jobs full time during the week. 

What's been your favourite DIY project? 

Our backyard has been my favourite project we've done ourselves mainly because I still look at it and can't believe two rookies built it! In terms of easier DIY's would absolutely be our IKEA Besta TV Unit Hack. We have had so many people send us photos of them recreating it which I think is pretty awesome! 

Geebungalow outdoor area crazy pave

Where do you get interior inspiration from?

Lots of places! We tend to take small elements from lots of different places to create our vision boards rather than trying to exactly replicate a room someone else has designed. We get a lot of inspiration from places we've travelled (when that was allowed haha) and commercial fit outs for hotels and restaurants as they are often a lot bolder with design choices! 

"Make sure you finish things to a really high quality. This doesn't mean you have to spend a lot of money; it is more about taking time and care when doing your projects."

Any advice for those about to start their renovation journey?

 Make sure all your painting is neat, edges are level etc. A quality finish makes all the difference and you'll find yourself having to go back and re-do certain things if you rush!

Eva Bed Frame and Hemp Linen with tiled bedside table from Geebungalow

What's your favourite Eva product?

It's hard to pick as our entire new bed set up is Eva (Bed frame, mattress and [hemp] linen) but I think I have to say the bed frame. It is so simple and minimal and really compliments the style of our home. Not to mention the price, for such a high quality, beautiful king bed frame it is very budget friendly! 

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