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At home with graphic designer Shaylie Roach

We sat down with Graphic Designer and Content Creator Shaylie Roach, where she shared her top tips for styling a minimal home, where she finds inspiration and adopting a more sustainable lifestyle.  

Striped linen duvet and queen size Eva Mattress

Hey Shaylie! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? 

Hi! I'm a Graphic Designer and Content Creator based on the south coast of NSW. For the past year, I've been working with Assembly Label producing their online journal as well as working with some exciting clients on design and content projects. 

Alongside this, I've been focused on exploring my creative practice further and have since relaunched my personal journal Woman (, @readwomanjournal.) Woman Journal seeks to recognise and highlight creative women by sharing their unique perspectives, insights, and stories. As a personal project, it's allowed me to re-connect with the creative community, hone in on my skill-set, and share the voices of women who often don't get the recognition they deserve. 

Outside of work, I am super passionate about adopting a more sustainable and slow lifestyle.

Vintage rattan chairs and timber table The Beauty Chef

We adore your beachside home! Where do you find inspiration when selecting new pieces for it?

Thank you! I am quite lucky to live in such a beautiful area where we get the best of the ocean and the countryside. My partner and I moved here from Sydney in January and have been loving it ever since! When it comes to selecting pieces for our home, I'm always thinking about colour, texture and form. I source inspiration from Instagram and Pinterest but also from nature.

Our home is my favourite place to be and since I work from here every day I like to keep things neutral to reflect a sense of calm and lightness. The majority of our furniture is either rattan or timber as it helps to soften the space and warm it up and we've intentionally chosen rounder pieces to avoid our home feeling too minimal or clinical. For the final touches, I love to layer textural elements like woollen blankets, linen cushions, and jute rugs to promote cosy vibes.

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What are your top tips for styling a minimalist home? 

  1. Stick to a neutral or monochrome colour palette. 
  2. Purchase only the necessities and then layer with a few smaller items that hold meaning to you like vintage lamps and vases, books, and art.
  3. Inject colour with natural elements like plants and flowers to avoid your space feeling clinical.
  4. Avoid items with too much ornamental detail, this will clutter up a room. 

White linen couch, minimalist style

What are you reading, watching, listening to at the moment? 

This year I've been trying to read from more female and BIPOC authors, as a way of further understanding their perspectives and experiences. I have just started reading Coconut Children by Vivian Pham and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. I was introduced to the book through a book service I signed up to a few months ago called Well Read.

Unorthodox was the last series I watched and wow, it was amazing. I recommend everyone to watch it!

My favourite thing to listen to at the moment are podcasts, some of my favourites are Offline by Alison Rice, Highly Enthused and Beauty IQ Uncensored by Adore Beauty.

Queen size Eva Mattress

What's your favourite Eva product?

Definitely the Eva Mattress. After having the same one since high school I was in need of a good upgrade. I love how supportive the Eva mattress is on my back, especially after a long day working at my computer.