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Your Christmas in July B Corp gift guide

It’s July, and baby, it’s cold outside. 

There are those of us who celebrate Christmas in Australia when it really is a winter wonderland. When mulled wine and a hearty roast dinner just feels right. This blog is for you. 

We’ve got a gift guide for those Chrissy in July celebrations, with an eco-friendly twist - these gift ideas are all from B Corp certified brands. 

For Christmas in July, my true love gave to me:

12 cups of coffee

From Sydney-based coffee roasters Pablo & Rusty’s. They offer coffee subscriptions delivered to your door, so you’re never out of your daily ethically-sourced latte. 

close up of four different coffee blends from Pablo & Rusty's

11 bottles of nail polish

From Byron Bay business Sienna. With a range of over 40 colours, this non-toxic and cruelty-free nail polish proves that you don’t have to hurt the planet in the name of beauty. We couldn’t agree more.

10 coconut bowls

From the aptly named company Coconut Bowls. These are the perfect addition to your pantry, to take your aesthetically pleasing smoothie bowls to the next level. Coconut Bowls has also been labelled by the B Lab as ‘Best for the World’ in the ‘Environment’ category, meaning they’ve achieved amongst the highest scores in this impact area, out of all B Corporations. 

hands hold smoothie bowls in coconut bowls

9 stone paper notebooks

From Karst Stone Paper, the 100% carbon neutral business that makes journals, sketchbooks and notepads out of silky smooth recycled stone.

“Why does paper need to be made out of trees? Why can’t journals be waterproof? Why are people still using paper-making practices that were cutting-edge in the 18th century?”

We never thought about it like that before. Now, we can’t wait to give the gift of modern ‘paper’ for this Christmas in July.

8 jars of chutney

From Eat Me Chutneys. Made from wonky and bruised produce, these chutneys are delicious and environmentally friendly by reducing food waste. Eat Me Chutneys is the only venture in Australia and New Zealand (and one of only two globally) with chutneys that are Fair Trade certified. 

three jars of chutney from Eat me chutneys

7 pairs of sunnies

From Ozeano Vision. Their unisex plant-based eyewear is inspired by nature and handmade in Australia. All Ozeano products are certified Australian-made, carbon-neutral and PETA-approved vegan, and all materials are certified by third-party environmental verification bodies. Plus, with every sale they fund the removal of 12kg of marine litter from our oceans and waterways (equivalent to over 900 plastic bottles), as well as funding an eye care operation to restore vision for a person in need.

6 bottles of wine

From Minimum Wines. From pet nat to merlot, Minimum Wines are completely organic and vegan, with a winemaking manifesto that proves their dedication to making good wine that does good. Like Coconut Bowls, they have received ‘Best for the World’ in the ‘Environment’ category as well as the ‘Community’ category.

wine bottle from minimum wines on a white table against an orange backdrop


5 pairs of jeans

From Outland Denim. Founded originally to help employ young women, this denim company is great for the community and for your wardrobe. Plus, its use of eco-friendly materials limits the amount of chemicals, water and wastewater used in production. 

4 bamboo toothbrushes

From Big Little Brush. The toothbrushes are made from biodegradable bamboo, so they’ll break down within a year - as opposed to the 600 years it takes plastic toothbrushes to break down. Big Little Brush also donates 50% of their profits to charities that deliver health and hygiene programs in remote Indigenous Australian communities.

3 pairs of sneakers

From Orba Shoes. Designed to biodegrade, these classic white sneakers are a staple for any wardrobe, and are kind to the planet. You can see on their website every single component and ingredient of their shoes, and why they were selected.

man wears Orba shoes on the beach

2 gift boxes

From Bindle. The boutique business that delivers gift boxes featuring locally sourced skin care products, teas, food, wine, flowers, coffee, you name it! They have no plastic packaging, support numerous local non-profit organisations and recycle almost everything left over.

gift box deconstructed

... and an Eva Mattress Plus!

It wouldn’t be Christmas without the wonderfully peaceful food coma- we mean sleep. And the only way to ensure you have the most restful night is with the dreamy combination of memory foam and pocket springs that make up the Eva Mattress Plus.  

We’re a B Corp that is proud to stand amongst these other wonderful brands, and in the true spirit of Christmas we want the world to be the most joyous it can be. 

So get the cinnamon candles burning, the tree glittering and the Mariah Carey blasting. Share your Christmas in July pictures with us over on our instagram @eva.home. We love to see them!

Merry Christmas!