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Which mattress is best for back pain?

Stiff back, achy neck and morning headaches. Sound familiar? 

It seems that though humans have evolved from walking on both our feet and knuckles, our arched posture has regressed with a vengeance. With hours spent hunched over a laptop and staring down at our phones, our necks and backs receive the brunt of the pressure. 

With many of us spending our days seated at desks, our spines require extra support at night.

That’s why identifying the right mattress is so important when trying to cure the infamous achy back.

Eva Mattress Hybrid

So, which mattress is best for back pain?

We all know that a good night's rest is the answer to many of life’s problems (or at least our parents seem to think so), but having the right mattress really does have an impact on both our posture and our back pain.

Some of us have become so accustomed to a stiff back that we’ve simply decided a few twist-cracks and neck stretches provide a good enough antidote to go about our days, but let us tell you, there’s a much better alternative than that.

From our research...

Hybrid beds are best for back pain


Here's why!

As you would already know, a hybrid is when two components come together to create a more elevated alternative than the components on their own. This theory works in our favour when designing the ultimate mattress for alleviating back pain.

Our hybrid mattresses are the perfect blend of squishy exterior with a supportive interior that provides both ample comfort and sturdy support. 

While there are five layers to the Eva Mattress, and seven to the Mattress Plus, the two main elements are memory foam and five-zone pocket springs.

So what's the difference between foam and springs for back pain? Eva Mattress

Memory foam 

When you first lay down for a well-deserved rest, we want that cosy, snuggly and marshmallowy mattress top to allow our bodies to sink in and prepare for slumber. The memory foam component moulds to the curves of our bodies, providing the perfect cocoon and top-level support for our spines.

But, memory foam alone doesn’t always provide us with the proper support we need.

Sometimes that very same ‘sink in’ feeling we get from memory foam means too much flexibility and not enough durability to keep our backs aligned to the correct spinal sleeping position.

Five-zone pocket springs 

This is where the magic happens. Pocket springs allow for weight distribution and spinal support where you need it most.

Think of your lower back for example, when you rest on a mattress that doesn’t offer enough spinal support, you might wake with aches and pains that not even a masseuse can fix. That’s because the mattress doesn’t have a sturdy foundation to prop you up where your body needs it and allows your spine to bend where it shouldn’t.

Sometimes two really is better than one. That’s the beauty of a hybrid. It’s about taking the best parts of memory foam and combining them with the key features of a spring mattress, to give you a restful sleep and a solution to pesky backaches.

When in doubt, trust the people

One of the many perks of living in the era of technology is that information spreads like wildfire. People just like yourself have the opportunity to say their piece about what works and what doesn’t, including how the Eva Mattress can alleviate back pain.

We’ve collated a few of our favourite reviews (from independent review site, Product Review) so you can see what all the fuss is about. 

customer reviews 

The Goldilocks of return policies

If Goldilocks has taught us anything, it’s that testing your options is the perfect solution to finding what’s ‘just right’. Our 365 day trial allows you to sleep on your new (blissful) mattress for up to three months before deciding whether or not it’s the mattress for you.

If you decide it’s not your match made in heaven, simply request a return and we’ll pick it up free of charge and offer you a return. That’s our kind of fairytale.