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Tips for spicing up your space this winter

Winter is here. It’s the season of mulled wine, hearty soups and open fires. And with a change in temperature, it’s a great time to spice up your space. With more time spent indoors, turning your home into a cosy cocoon can set the tone for a season of comfort and relaxation. 

We’ve got all the advice for warming up your home with colour, decor and well… warm things.

Woman sitting on an Eva bed drinking tea

Tidy up and declutter

Clear your space and your mind as a favour to yourself for the new season. Sort through your wardrobe, rediscover your winter scarf collection and finally give away those pants you’ve never worn. 

Tidying your home is a great idea moving into the winter months, as you’ll likely be spending a lot more time indoors. Aesthetic choices you make can be fully appreciated when your space is clean and organised. Clever storage is paramount, so make sure you have easy storage options on hand in every room.

Spice up the colour palette

When incorporating wintery colours at home, think earthy, warm and soft. Our colour palette recs include deep oranges, creams, earthy browns, dark greens and soft greys. 

Winter colours that reflect nature can keep you grounded and leave you savouring the colder weather, rather than feeling nostalgic for summer. Bare trees, grey skies and morning fog are beautiful things. 

Our hemp linen sheets are inspired by nature and come in perfect winter tones, such as terracotta, olive and oat. Our Everyday Sofa also comes in oat, light smoke grey and moss green.

eva hemp linen sheets in oat and olive spread over a bed, with a book lying in the centre

Our hemp linen sheets in olive and oat.

Fluff up the texture 

It’s cosy season - so lean into it! Add elements to your home that add texture appropriate for winter. We’re talking fluffy sofa throws and pyjamas, heavy drapes or curtains, weighted blankets bundled in our buttery soft hemp linen sheets.  

Subtle scatterings of natural materials can also enhance the warmth of your home. Greenery in the form of potted plants or even dried and pressed flowers can bring in the nature you’re seeing less of indoors. Timber can also transform a space into a cosy cabin-like haven. Try adding touches of wood, like a side table or wooden coasters, or even a wicker basket of cut logs if you have a fireplace.

Turn up the heat 

A different kind of warmth is achieved only in winter. It comes from your own body warming itself up under the duvet, from a golden apple crumble that you’ve home-made, or a mulled cider that seems to warm you to your bones after the first sip. 

Winter is the time to fill your space with things that warm you in that winter way. Vanilla candles, wheat bags that stay warm for ages and boxes of your favourite herbal tea must all be well-stocked. And, if you don’t have a fireplace, consider getting a firepit for your garden or patio. Roasting marshmallows and sipping hot chocolate around a fire is a winter pastime that can’t be missed. 

Baking something like oatmeal cookies or banana bread can also fill the house with a great aroma that’ll make you feel instantly cosy.

And don’t forget to switch to a winter duvet if you haven’t already! The perfect night’s sleep can only be achieved when you reach the perfect temperature. That, and having the perfect mattress to go along with it. 

woman sleeping on her eva bed under the hemp linen sheets in terracotta

So get to pasting your winter moodboard together and experiment with your space. If you’re waiting for a sign to get a few additions for your home, or to switch up your furniture in a big way, then keep your eyes peeled for our end of financial year sale in the weeks to come.

Most importantly: stay cosy!