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6 Indoor Plants That Will Spice Up Your Bedroom


On average, you’ll spend roughly 25 years of your life in your bedroom. And, that’s not including all the Sundays you’ve spent binge watching The Office in your jim-jams spooning Easy Mac into your gob. But, did you know that your bedroom can be so much more than just a Netflix cave? With the help of some flora, it can also be an oxygen-rich jungle, fresh from the cover of Architectural Digest.

Here are 6 indoor plants that will completely transform your bedroom from drab to fab.

Monstera Deliciosa

Also known as the ‘Delicious Monster’, this plant beauty has snagged the top spot on this year’s indoor plant charts (knocking the fiddle-leaf fig down a few rungs). This is thanks in part to its easy-to-grow and low-maintenance nature, but also its statement Swiss-cheese-like leaves. The plant’s big, beautiful plant fingers are not only a beautiful natural addition to any bedroom decor, but they also do a cracking job of drawing attention away from piles of dirty washing and discarded Mi Goreng packets.

Devil’s Ivy

Everyone likes a devil in the bedroom. And this cheeky little one is a bedroom favourite, because it doesn’t steal any floor space away from your sea of overdue library books and discarded handbags. If you like your plants hanging from pots (just like you’ve see on that one interior design Instagram account you follow), you’ll love this lusciously green plant with perfectly shaped leaves. A staple for everyone who wants plants, but doesn’t want to clean their room.

Pineapple Plant

You’ve probably seen plenty of these spiky suckers around without knowing their name. Rumour has it they can actually cure snoring, PLUS they’re the perfect cure for a boring bedroom in dire need of some aesthetic TLC. If you’ve been looking to transform your space into a tropical paradise, look no further than this fruity number.

Jungle Cactus

If you’re a cactus fan, then this wild succulent is for you. With a bunch of cacti arms sprouting, and pink blooming flowers to distract you from how much it would hurt to touch it, the Jungle Cactus is everything you’ve ever wanted from a tiny cactus, but multiplied by twenty. Technically, they are twenty times better than regular cacti.

Spathiphyllum Sensation

Also known as a ‘Peace Lily’, this is the tall, dark, and handsome plant of your dreams. If you like the silent, brooding type, this sensational houseplant is both of those things and more. With full, dark leaves and a gorgeous striped texture, you would be lucky to have this plant in your life.

Mother In Law’s Tongue

They might bear a terrifying name, but these plants are perhaps the least scary, in terms of maintenance. Not a lot of light in your living room? No problem. Forget to water your plants for three weeks until you’re in the shower one morning and suddenly yell “OH CRAP”? Don’t worry. Get all your lazy plant needs filled with these pattern-crazy, long-fingered pot plants. Interior design meets lazy days.

Eva Mattressyllum

Okay, it may not be a plant per-se, but if anything’s going to spice up your bedroom (and spice down the long-term residual spinal damage caused by low-quality mattresses), it’s the CHOICE Recommended Eva Mattress. With a combination of cooling memory foam, 100% Dunlop latex, micro-springs, high-density support foam and five zone pocket springs, it’s the only thing you’ll want to plant yourself on at night. Pair it with the Melbourne-designed Eva Timber Bed Base, and you'll be good to go. Spice up your bedroom with an Eva Mattressyllum...!