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4 Halloween Costumes For Everyone (Including Your Dog)

Finding a Halloween costume doesn’t have to be a nightmare. At Eva, we know that convenience is key and so we've done the research for you and put together costumes to suit every budget, time frame, and our top picks for your furry friend!

Friends Halloween

The Last Minute Costume

If you’re the super-organised-meal-prep-type and have already purchased your costume online, I applaud your dedication. If you’re like the rest of us who will absolutely leave it until the day before Halloween, then we got you. The ticket to a last-minute costume is to keep it simple and use items you may already have, or can easily access. Got a suit and photo of your dog? Well, congrats you’re now John Wick! Or perhaps you have a nightie and a box of waffles handy for an Eleven from Stranger Things vibe! You get the idea. If you’ve got it at home, you can make it work.

The Cost-Effective Costume 

The only thing that’s scarier than an IT inspired clown costume on Halloween is how much it will cost you to buy. When you take into account the amount of cauldron-themed cocktails you’ll be consuming on top of your fancy costume, the dollars really add up. The best way to be Penny-Wise (haha get it?) this Halloween is to get crafty! YouTube tutorials will be your best friend from Day Of The Dead makeup to DIY Joker costumes, you can even learn how to make slime! You can use all that extra cash to raid the confectionary aisle at Woolies, so you don’t awkwardly hand over an open box of savoys to trick or treaters. 

 The Crowd Pleaser 

Okay, so you went as a sheet ghost last Halloween and it wasn’t well-received. Or perhaps you’re still scarred from that year you went as Harley Quinn... just like 30 other people. Whatever the reason, if you’re looking to up the ante this year and impress fellow party-goers we recommend a group costume. Not only can you be super creative, but group (or couple) costumes usually give you extra crowd-pleasing points! And if it turns out terribly, at least you can put the blame on to someone else. There’s power in numbers.  

Mario cart halloween costume

Just Make Your Dog Wear A Costume

If all else fails, just find a really cute pet and dress it up. Let’s be honest, no one will even notice you if you're trick or treating with a doggo dressed up like a taco.

dog dressed as taco

If the 31st rolls around and you still haven’t decided on a costume or the only Halloween party you’ve been invited to is predicted to be a dud, you can always stay at home and binge on hummus and horror movies in bed. And what better bed to provide you with the ultimate support you need than an Eva Mattress?

And whatever you decide, please no clown costumes! I beg of you!