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Why the Eva Timber Bed Frame won the Good Design Award

You've probably heard about our 4x award-winning Comfort Classic Mattress (formerly known as the Eva Mattress). When it comes to back support, comfort, and overall best mattress-in-a-box, the Eva Mattress always comes out on top.

Good Design Award Eva Timber Bed Frame
And now we have a new award to add to our trophy cabinet! The Eva Timber Bed Frame has been announced as a Good Design Award® Winner


“This is a really clever product which achieves the brief and has real usability. A great price point for a quality product, the user is front-of-mind with some elegant added features for laptop / iPad storage. Clean, neat design and it's great that it doesn't use tools." - Good Design Award Jury 

What is The Good Design Award®?

Since 1958, Good Design Australia has been working hard to promote the importance of design and the critical role it plays in creating a better, safer, and more prosperous world. To showcase products that meet their high standards of design, they created The Good Design Award®. Since its creation, it has been among the most respected and recognised international design endorsement symbols in the industry.

How did Eva win the Good Design Award?

It all started over a year ago when we set out to make a bed frame that we couldn't find anywhere else.

We didn't want it to require a PhD in mechanical engineering just to put it together, so we didn't rest until it could be assembled (or disassembled) in five minutes flat. Our design team removed the need for tools, complicated instructions (there are only 4 steps) and unnecessary parts — basically anything that might cause an argument. 

"The brief was to challenge the notion that flat-pack furniture was both poorly made and difficult to put together, by selecting the best quality raw materials and eliminating the dreaded Allen key." - Tom Shaw, Eva Head Product Designer 

Once we had solved the common problems found in traditional furniture design, we added features we knew our customers would love; cable management, a device holder, sturdy slats and made it squeak-free. 

Device holder with book and phone Eva Timber Bed Frame

To ensure we were using ethical and high-quality materials, our design team began by auditing all potential suppliers to check their timber was not only FSC certified but that the glues and materials used were completely non-toxic. This was a crucial part of the design process, as we knew other bed frames on the market were using cheap, chemical-laden woods, and that could really be seen in the finished product. 

Keeping in mind the concept that 'waste is a design flaw' we used high-tech machinery to make sure every part of the timber was being used. This method not only kept waste to a minimum, but it also reduced the overall cost of the bed frame for our customers. 

"When you are using incredible raw materials you don’t want to waste anything. Any off-cuts were used in another process to ensure that we produced virtually zero waste. When it came to selecting the finish for the bed frame we selected a natural oil that emits zero VOC’s." - Eva Team 

It wasn't easy, but the finished design of the Eva Timber Bed Frame is simple, long-lasting and easy on the eye — worthy of a Good Design Award® (if we don't say so ourselves). 

Guy & girl on Eva Bed with dog

"Australia’s Good Design Award® is more than a symbol of design excellence - it represents the hard work and dedication towards an innovative outcome that will ultimately make our lives better" - Dr Brandon Gien, CEO of Good Design Australia

Our small Melbourne team is always striving to design high-quality furniture that will fit into your life seamlessly, whilst also challenging people’s perception of flat-packed furniture. 

Wooden slats and rug Eva Timber Bed Frame


"A lot of brands in this market would go down the route of substituting in cheaper raw materials and inferior components in order to bring the costs down. We approached this in a slightly different way and used the best materials and components we could find and then eliminated any of the manufacturing processes that added costs." - Eva Team

Eva products are tested — jumped on, slept with, washed, pulled apart & put back together — by real people. We believe in taking our time, exploring the options, getting it right and if it's not perfect, then we keep working on it until it is. That's why winning the Good Design Award® for the Eva Timber Bed Frame is not just an exciting milestone; it's a reflection of the hard work we put in every day, to ensure each Eva product is worthy of not only an award, but worthy to be in the homes of our customers. 

Our clever design might also explain why no matter how many we make, we can't seem to keep up with the demand (this award probably isn't going to help). So if you have been eyeing off our bed frame, we suggest you pre-order yours now. 

Want to try the Eva Timber Bed Frame? Start your 100 day trial and see what all the fuss is about. 

The Eva Timber Bed Frame

Complete your bedroom with our award-winning timber bed frame — it’s the most argument-free piece of furniture you’ll ever put together.