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Where is the Comfort Classic Mattress made?

This is a question we have been receiving a lot lately — and rightly so! 

The short answer to that question is a family-owned and run business in Foshan, China. But we wanted to provide a little more context, by taking you through how we came to work with our manufacturers. 

We believe in the importance of supporting Australians which is why all our designs are created by our team based in Melbourne.

The Eva Team


Whilst some Eva products are also made in Melbourne, this is not yet possible for every product if we want to achieve our goal of the highest quality mattress, at the most convenient price. 

Most mattresses that claim to be ‘Australian Made' still import all their materials from countries like China, so we decided to go straight to the source.

After months of vetting, we flew to China to meet the Chen family and tour their factory. Upon our arrival, we were instantly impressed. The factory was extremely clean, bright and it had great staff facilities. 

When we learnt the factory produced everything in-house, with its sole focus being mattresses, we knew we could tick 'experts in their field' off the list. Other factories we had spoken to had multiple production lines (meaning they produce many different products) but we wanted to work with a manufacturer who lived and breathed mattresses.

Eva Mattress Factory

"We had a lengthy list of requirements — high quality, ethical, experts in their field — it wasn't going to be easy, but we were determined to work with the best."

During our first factory tour, we saw the end-to-end process of a mattress being made. Starting at the 10th floor and working our way down, we witnessed the production of the fabric, making of the springs, and eventually assembly of the mattress which combines the springs, foam, latex and fabric. There is a quality control room, in which every single mattress is hand-checked to ensure it meets the high company standards.

During this time, we came to understand the Chens’ business and life philosophy and we spoke about our vision for Eva. We needed a trusted partner that could act as an extension to our business. They were upfront that if they were going to honour a 10-year warranty, they would help us produce every mattress to the highest standards possible, and that would not be possible by cutting corners like other low-cost factories.

Eva Mattress material being sowed

“I scoured hundreds of companies but what caught my eye was their innate focus on only producing mattresses. Unlike other companies that have several different product lines, Mr Chen was passionate about sleep and his manufacturing process proved that!"

Ken Lau, Co-Founder of
Eva Home

After our first factory tour, we were treated to a delicious lunch. The factory is located on a very large block of land where all the food for the on-site restaurant is grown, including rice and fresh fish.

When we decided that the Chens’ factory met our requirements, they requested we attend 'mattress university' to learn everything there is to know about the industry. From there we connected with an account manager, Melody (who still looks after Eva today). With our dedicated manufacturing partner in hand, we crafted and designed what has come to be known as the Comfort Classic Mattress.

Since Eva’s humble beginnings in 2017, our founders have invested considerable time into building a strong relationship with the Chen family. We often visit our manufacturing team to ensure that our high standards of quality are being met. During our most recent visit in 2019, we were able to meet all of the factory staff who have been producing the Comfort Classic Mattress for the last few years. This was a great experience as we got to hear more about the factory from another perspective. Similar to our team back in Melbourne, the staff receive benefits like travel, the opportunity to volunteer with charities, annual team events, and above the award wage pay.

Eva Mattress Factory Machine

We also ensure our manufacturer follows our careful code of conduct, and they have since been certified by BSCI and SQP. These are independent organisations who audit manufacturers to ensure ethical working conditions and social compliance.

Fast forward to today, the Chens are still a family run business, with one small difference — we are now long-term partners in creating the best quality mattresses available.

More questions?
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