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We’re having a modular moment: Meet the L-Shape Sofa and Ottoman

More than just a place to sit

Sitting at a dining table can often feel a little formal, whereas our sofas provide our lounge areas with a casual, comfortable and sprawling space for family seating.

Whether you’re a household of two or ten, the All Day Sofa was designed as a place to come together. It's for dining in, date night, napping, popcorn eating and movie watching—and always a perfectly cosy spot to feel at home on.

Woman and man sitting on All Day Sofa

A sofa that tells a story

You might have started as a small family of two. What once began with quiet, intimate cuddles on the sofa is now a mad rush to the corner of the couch with echoes of ‘I got there first!’ ringing in your ears. 

As your lifestyle changes and your family grows, your priorities change, and the size of your sofa will too. But expanding your family doesn’t mean you have to cut corners, in fact, we’ve designed a simple sofa that was made to create new corners and make space for a few extra bottoms.

Designed for a lifetime of comfort 

The All Day Sofa is for the people who like to think ahead. Right now, you may only need to seat a few but when you’re buying a sofa, you expect to keep it for the many years to come, and who knows what the future holds? Our sofas need space for the whole family—visitors, in-laws, kids or furry friends—now and later.

We know that the best pieces of furniture are the ones that grow with you. That’s why we designed the All Day Sofa to be modular with a matching ottoman that can be attached to your sofa when you need it. 

The All Day Sofa was designed with simplicity, functionality and longevity in mind. The sofa frame and each sturdy leg are made from sustainably sourced timber that’s both durable and lightweight for easy shuffling.

But the best bit?

Our sofa cushions are covered with a tight knit fabric made from recycled plastic bottles. And with each sofa being made from roughly 300 bottles, you can snuggle up knowing your purchase protects the planet.

Eva Ottoman and sofa

The extension that gives you extra space (without a l’ottoman-power)

Considering how versatile they are, ottomans don’t seem to get the praise they deserve. Used for resting feet, balancing board games and perching party guests, ottomans have their work cut out for them. But when you’re ready for the ottoman to go from free-standing to part of the family, simply attach it to the All Day Sofa to create a sofa with extra legroom. 

Like the tool-free assembly of the sofa, the ottoman’s build entails a simple screwing of the legs and it’s ready to go. 

And if you find it’s more comfortable than you can handle, request a return within 100 days for a simple pick up and refund. Making a house a home has never been so simple.