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Why the Everyday Sofa is the most comfortable sofa on the market

The Everyday Sofa has it all - flexible configurations, versatile design, easy assembly, washable covers, high quality and sustainable materials, and deep seats for lounging in luxury.

The numbers speak for themselves, the Everyday Sofa sold out three times within the first four months of its launch. It’s been called ‘beautiful’, ‘durable’, ‘incredible value’, ‘stylish’, ‘comfortable’, ‘functional’... and that’s not the Eva team bringing the hype (although we completely agree), these are words from people who bought an Everyday Sofa and are now enjoying it in their space. 

We think it’s just about the most comfortable sofa on the market. Here are five reasons why:

1. It's comfortable

It really is, and it’s no happy accident. Our design team spent over a year ensuring the Everyday Sofa was the comfiest couch they could conceive. 

“When we were designing the Everyday Sofa it was all about layers of comfort.” - Tom, Head of Design

This was achieved with five layers of foam, each with their own purpose, to create ultimate comfort. These are explained by Tom, our Head of Design in this video:

“For lumbar support, the lower part of the seat has a contoured foam which mimics the contours of your back and fits snugly into it. We also include another cushion for support to give you an even more relaxed feel.” - Tom, Head of Design

The fabric we use to upholster the Everyday Sofa is also a highly durable yet soft weave for that final layer of comfort.

2. It's comfortable to put together

We listened to you, and we know that the part you often least look forward to when buying furniture is the dreaded assembly. We’ve flipped that on its head, with the easy assembly of the Everyday Sofa - no tools required, just a partner in crime and a will to get comfy as soon as the kettle’s boiled.

Collage of the Everyday Sofa

3. It's comfortable to wash

If you’ve ever been personally victimised by muddy paws, chocolate-y fingers or the pesky coffee cup that jumped out of your hands, we feel your pain. But keep calm, because you already know that the Everyday Sofa has your back (in more ways than one) - it’s got machine washable covers! 

Just throw them in the machine on a gentle cycle with some mild detergent, line dry, and voila! Caring for your couch can really be that comfortable.

4. It's comfortable to share

On the Everyday Sofa, there’s room for everyone. Pets included.

This sofa has wide armrests, for your comfort as well as for the pooch who you just can’t keep off the couch - no matter how hard you try. 

With the washable covers, you can relax knowing it’ll be easy to clean after your fur baby’s been on the sofa. Plus, with the durable covers of the Everyday Sofa, you don’t need to worry about your pet scratching the fabric. Nothing will burst your bubble of comfort! 

5. It's comfortably kind to the planet

You can sit comfortably on your Everyday Sofa knowing that it was made sustainably. The wood used for the frame is sustainably sourced timber, and all the foams used are CFC-free. 

With the high quality and tested durability of the Everyday Sofa, it means you’ll be able to keep it for far longer than your previous couches, so while you get cosy you’re helping the planet by reducing waste and minimising demand for fast furniture. Go you!

6. Bonus: there's a comfy trial length

We could keep giving reasons for why the Everyday Sofa is the comfiest… and we will! Promise we’ll stop after this one, though. 

With Eva’s 100 day trial, you can take your time to get cosy with your couch and decide if it’s the perfect fit for your space. Don’t take our word for it, find out for yourself if it’s the comfiest couch you’ve ever stretched out on. 


You can read more about the design process of the Everyday Sofa on this blog