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Our new All Day Sofa is the first of its kind in Australia!

After years of designing award-winning products for the bedroom, Eva are moving into the living room! 

Say hello to the All Day Sofa!

Eva All Day Sofa

At a glance, it may appear like any other good-looking sofa.

But we don't design ordinary.

When it comes to the All Day Sofa, there's more than meets the eye.

It's Australia's first sofa made from recycled plastic bottles.

When we began our research to create the perfect sofa, we found many traditional sofas were made from unsustainable materials. 

With that in mind, we set a goal to design a sofa that was made entirely of recycled plastic and sustainably sourced materials to reduce our environmental impact. And, it’s designed right here in Melbourne! 

So what's the deal with recycled plastic?

The outer fabric of the All Day Sofa is made from post-consumer plastic. Just one All Day Sofa (2 seater) saves around 200 plastic bottles from landfill. The fabric is also incredibly soft and durable, but more on that later! 

The inner fill is made from a combination of recycled memory foam and polyester to minimise the use of new materials and virgin plastic. 

What is virgin plastic I hear you ask? No, not first-time plastic surgery candidates. Basically, the industry creates new plastic for the sake of creating materials. We figured there’s enough plastic in the world, so we opted to use post-consumer plastic (recycled plastic) to create our fabric and fill. Less waste, more good.

And when it comes to timber, we always make sure to use high-quality timber from ethical sources. The American ash timber used for the sofa legs is sourced from sustainably managed forests, where a tree is planted for every tree that is removed. 

Young woman on Eva All Day Sofa Australia

We didn't sacrifice comfort. 

Being ultra sustainable doesn't mean we forgot about the main purpose a sofa needs to fill: comfort. We tried and tested hundreds of different cushion fills to make sure we had the perfect balance of snuggly and supportive. 

We often lounge on our sofa for hours at a time (hello Netflix marathons), so we wanted to make sure the sofa would never sag or lose its shape. 

Gathering a team of professional loungers, we ran many, many sit tests to get feedback from real humans. These experiments helped us gather honest feedback and we didn’t rest until everyone who sat on the sofa audibly ahhh’d with delight. 

Zero tools or complicated instructions.

We love a challenge. But one challenge we don't enjoy is spending hours putting together furniture that has complicated instructions (honestly who approves those?), boxes full of screws, and a trip to the hardware store to buy tools you may never use again.

That's why we designed the All Day Sofa to be easy to assemble with only a few instructions and simple hand screws. 

And if you're moving house, you'll love how easy the All Day Sofa is to disassemble (and reassemble), no matter how many times you move. 

Easy Assembly Eva All Day Sofa

Sticky fingers and sharp claws are no match.

If you've got a tiny human or furry friend at home, you know the chaos they can cause. 

When testing the fabric for the All Day Sofa, we wanted it to be pet-friendly meaning it had to be easy to clean and durable. If you've ever come home to find muddy paws on your new sofa or watched your cat use it as a scratching post, you get why this matters. 

We exposed the sofa to sharp claws, spilled drinks (that one was an accident), and sticky fingers to make sure it was tough enough to withstand life's messy bits.

We settled on a soft, durable, tight weave fabric that makes it difficult for claws to get a grip, and easy to remove covers that can be popped in the washing machine. 

Oh, and did we mention a 10-year warranty? 

A 100 day trial is one thing (yes, you can trial the sofa at home), but what's the point of making a sustainable sofa that's just going to end up in hard rubbish in a few years. 

Your All Day Sofa comes with a 10-year fabric warranty, and a 5-year frame warranty, so you don't have to worry about replacing it in a few years. 

All Day Sofa Eva side pocket

And like all Eva products, it won’t break the bank. 

We know that price matters. No matter how great the quality or how comfortable, you still don’t want to pay a fortune for furniture. And because we design all of our products in-house and deliver direct to you, you don’t have to! 

Unlike most furniture brands, we don’t pay for fancy showrooms, which lets us pass savings directly on to our customers. And with our 100 day trial (that’s almost four months), you can try the sofa out in the comfort of your home with no strings attached.

If you’re considering a new sofa, we’re offering an exclusive pre-order price on the All Day Sofa for a limited time. You can also choose from four interest-free finance options at checkout to split up the cost.

Don’t miss out on the All Day Sofa exclusive pre-order price!