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Notes from the design workshop: Kin Dining Set

Meet us in the dining room…

We’ve expanded the Eva home by another room this week, as we’ve just launched our Kin Dining Set. Consisting of the solid timber Kin Dining Table and the sleek Kin Dining Chairs, this set is designed to last a lifetime in your home as the centre stage for sharing meals and memories alike.

“We wanted to design a very simple, strong, sturdy table. Something that could withstand the test of time - physically and aesthetically.” - Tom, Head of Design

For the Eva design team, the process of designing a product always begins with inspiration from how people interact with the product in their day-to-day life. Tom, our Head of Design, took to his camera roll for this one, and scrolled through every picture he’d taken that featured his family dining table.


“There's a photo of Linda, my wife, bathing my daughter Edie, and then as she grew up, there were photos of her drawing on it; and then my son Harry building Lego with my dad. It made me realise that this dining table was so central to our life.” - Tom, Head of Design

To create a dining set that could play a pivotal role in the vibrant family home, our design team focused on a few important traits that it needed to have. It had to be strong, durable, simple in design, and suit any space. 

Here’s how they did it.

Solid timber for strength

“We decided straight away that we wanted it to be a solid timber top and that was a non-negotiable. We knew if we want this table to last forever, we need it to have that solid timber top.” - Tom, Head of Design

It really was that simple for the team. The Kin Dining Table is made entirely of solid timber. The legs and underframe of the Kin Dining Chairs - the areas that support weight - are also solid timber. 

The timber we use is sustainably-sourced from the American ash tree, which is known to be strong, hard-wearing and high in shock resistance - meaning it’s highly resistant to impact and strain. Not to mention, the beauty of the natural grain of the wood is unique to each table, so your dining set is truly one of a kind.

But this wasn’t just strength for the sake of it. The design team thought about the strength of the table in relation to living with it day-to-day. For example, your table needs to be strong enough to hold you when you’re changing a lightbulb - which is exactly what our co-founder Amanda tested when she first encountered the Kin Dining Table.

“Amanda got onto the table because she wanted to double check that the table was stable and strong enough for her to change a bulb. It was the first thing that she did... she didn't sit down to see if the table was comfortable, she just went straight to changing the bulb!” - Susie, Product Developer

It’s the everyday moments that are important, so your table and chairs need to be strong enough to support you through them.

Durable fabric, ageless wood

Durability doesn’t just mean a dining set will last a long time. It also means a reduction of waste by keeping the same table and chairs for longer, it means having peace of mind that your dining set is high quality, and it means having the opportunity to pass down your dining set to the next generation. 

For the Kin Dining Chairs, the team chose to upholster them with a fabric made from 100% recycled plastic bottles - making them highly durable, easy to clean and kind to the planet. As mentioned before, solid timber is used for the legs and underframe - a durable material thanks to its strength. The seats and backs of the dining chairs are made with plywood, allowing for the curve of the chair that serves your body ergonomically while you sit, without compromising the strength and quality of the chair. 

The beauty of solid timber tables is that they can be resanded and oiled to look good as new when needed. Wood can be restored very easily - it’s a simple process to breathe new life into your dining table. This way, it can be passed down the generations, and your Kin will be a family heirloom for future kin to enjoy.

Curved edges, simple assembly (as always)

Having decided on the materials, the design team turned their attention to the finer details of the Kin Dining Set. High up on the list: Eva’s signature no-tool assembly. The table and chairs both had to be easily put together, without the use of tools. 

“We do lots of user testing prior to releasing the design, so we know that we found the best ways that we can assemble and disassemble it.” - Tom, Head of Design

With easy-on-the-hand screws and the shortest instruction manual you’ve ever laid eyes on, the Kin Dining Set will be ready in your space before the toast has popped up. That’s a lot less time fussing over impossible assembly instructions, and more time making memories around your table. 

Another Eva signature that’s carried over to the Kin is the sleek, curved edge. The dining table is smooth and rounded, giving it a soft and modern aesthetic, as well as protecting from stubbed toes or bumps to little heads running a little too fast through the dining room. 

The dining chairs feature a curved seat for an extra nudge of cosiness, and a curved back that supports you ergonomically - so you can keep taking Zoom calls when working from home, or sharing stories over dinner in comfort.

A classic look that complements

Of course, if your dining set is going to be in the family for a lifetime, it’s vital that it looks great. The design team kept this at the forefront, using only timeless materials that will continue to suit your space even as your taste and style evolve. 

It’s an aesthetic that stays on trend, year on year, generation on generation. And don’t just take our word for it! Here’s some feedback we received from the user testing process:

“During user testing, someone mentioned that they really liked the table because it has a classic look and texture. It reminded them of their grandma's dining table with a modern twist!

This is one of the reasons why the dining set is called Kin. We wanted to evoke those moments, when everyone is having dinner with their family, sharing stories. Plus, the dining set passes from generation to generation, passing on those moments and memories as well.” - Susie, Product Developer

The Kin Dining Chairs come in two colours: dusk grey and nightcap navy. These colours were chosen to suit almost any aesthetic your space already has. Their versatility allows them to blend in, or be used as statement colour pieces - it’s up to you!

The Kin Dining Set is made for the everyday moments of life at home - the commotion and the calmness. Same 100 day trial, but a whole new experience of bread-breaking, memory-making and cake-baking. 

Questions? Please don't hesitate to reach out to our customer support team at or (03) 6361 4382