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Meet the Hideaway Table Range

Four legs and a flat top. It sounds simple, right? But not all tables are created equal. A well-designed coffee or side table can be a staple piece for any functional living space. With a hidden drawer to organise clutter or an artistically curated table top to elevate your room aesthetic, coffee and side tables should serve more than just one purpose.

The Hideaway Side Table next to Eva's All Day Sofa

Let’s talk about lounge rooms.

Designed for the cosy heart of the home, the Hideaway Table fits effortlessly into any family routine. For the late night dinners you slap together so you can watch your favourite tv show (quick! It’s starting!) to being used as a footrest while you complete the Sunday morning crossword puzzle, tables are the centrepiece of our most lived-in environment.

When you’re thinking of buying such a multifaceted item, it means they have to be durable, functional and built to last.

Who says you can’t have sustainability and style?

Whether you choose the side, square or long size, the Hideaway Table range delivers a high-end aesthetic at a fraction of the price. With the environment in mind, our American Oak timber is ethically sourced and even comes with matching coasters made from timber off-cuts that fit (oh so) satisfyingly in the drawer. 

The drawers are made with clever compartments to store all your living room essentials, with extra space to stash away items for those unexpected visits. 

Woman and friend pulling blanket out of Hideaway Square Table

The three S’s to consider: Size, suitability and storage

Each Hideaway Table size has its own benefits. The long table has a singular drawer with four compartments, allowing maximum use of the tabletop for people who like to spread out. The square design option has the same drawer and four compartments on one side, with a removable top on the other for extra storage and a place to keep a blanket for those chilly winter nights. 

For bedrooms and smaller living spaces, the side table is perfect for space-saving functionality. You can place it in your entryway, use it as a bedside table, or next to your sofa so your cup of coffee is always within arms reach (don’t forget to use your coasters!)

Hideaway table with matching coasters


From assembly to delivery, your experience should be worry-free

Each piece in our Hideaway Table range is designed to be easily assembled and not made to feel like it’s disassembling you. With our one step instruction, you just screw in the legs and you’re ready to go! No tools (or frustration) necessary.

Finding a piece that fits perfectly can be tough. If you’re unsure of which size and shape are best suited to your space, take advantage of our 100 day trial with free delivery. No strings attached!

Eva Table assembly