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Small Footprint Living

Home is where your cabin is. 


Imagine paradise at your doorstep every weekend. There’s no doubt a fascination with the outdoors and travel has taken off in recent years. You really can make that dream a reality with the Base Cabin, an Otways based micro home business by co-founders David Clark and Ryan McCormack.

For Base Cabin it's important to engage and work with an architect and interior designer on all of their builds. The experience in built-form spaces and how people interact with each other and a space on a daily basis is integral in getting a Base Cabin off the ground. The interiors and how they work, and wear is just as important as the external architecture to each design. Finding innovation in multi-use design and integrating maximum purpose in a small space without it becoming overwhelming is a key factor in all of their builds


In addition, Base Cabin’s style aesthetic is about using quality and hard wearing materials in new and innovative ways. We never want our builds to be stark white boxes and work with our design partners to ensure there is always a robust warmth that is brought to each new design. You’ll see the use of ply and cement sheeting. Both materials have a rawness to them, although when expertly detailed and finished, they create really refined spaces.

Outside setting physical parameters of a transportable dwelling (as required to be a registered vehicle across Australia) Base Cabin likes to keep the brief as open as possible with each architect to let them develop innovative and unique spaces. With a developed repertoire of tiny houses and cabins, they look to focus on a likely end user for each new design.

Outside these loose goal posts, they really want the architects to push what is achievable in such small spaces. The results of really letting the architects bring their ideas to life speaks for itself, with some amazing spaces by Studio Edwards, F&W, MGAO and now Shelby Lenehan.

Eva and Base Cabin are the perfect fit with like-minded philosophies, it was a no-brainer to see the multi-purpose design of the Eva Slideaway Sofa fit perfectly into this small space. It's challenging to design a space or a piece of furniture that looks simple, elegant and timeless and that also serves multiple purposes, functionality and expertly crafted. The slide away sofa does this effortlessly and is an amazing sofa to sit and take in a view or to use for a weekend away to sleep on.

Tiny houses, by nature, have a smaller impact upon the environment. Base Cabin only offers tiny houses with double glazing and insulation, reducing future energy costs once the tiny house is up and running. They also have an extensive recycling program for construction waste, as they recognise the building industry has a large impact on the environment through the amount of waste it can generate. Base Cabin takes sustainability seriously and is currently investigating going through the BCorp certification process. While they offer only quality finishes and materials, they try to ensure they have the smallest possible impact on the environment.