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Mi casa, su casa at Sable Mae

Welcome to Sable Mae, a rustic style ranch in the Blue Mountains, Sydney.
The owners of Sable Mae, Lisa and Kent lived full time in Sable Mae for 12 months, completing the renovation. Opening the doors in March 2023, saw a huge success in booking short stay holiday guests through Airbnb and

The rush of post-covid lifestyle stays in the market, meant Sable Mae had to really step into their own and ensure the restore and recycle approach to building was a shared goal with their building team. Old timbers were used to make bespoke furniture pieces and beautiful recycled beams and posts where used wherever possible, which give the house so much character. From nurturing the old bamboo flooring for re-use in a home gym, to finding new homes for some of the windows and doors in the property elsewhere in the community, thoughtful use of building materials meant a real connection to the build and a story Sable Mae’s proud to share with their guests.

Slow design, vintage finds and a personal connection to the home, have been key factors to restoring the space and ensuring charm. Avoiding a “cookie-cutter hotel” feel by considering the refinement in materials and the story in sourcing. Styling can feel like an afterthought sometimes, but they knew sourcing vintage maritime ropes, forged iron hooks, metal hat boxes and milk cans would give the space that rustic charm they were looking for. Being a family first space, meant they knew kids would enjoy the novelty of vintage typewriters and telephones, and really connect to a time past, where technology was secondary to the experience. Puzzles, board games, yard games and a fire pit have turned this haven from just another stay, into an other worldly experience. Switching off, slowing down and connecting was the aim from the start and they've truly succeeded in doing so.

Being the team's third foray into holiday rentals, they knew from experience that the balance of introducing high-end elements was key. The non-negotiable for Sable Mae was to ensure quality lounge and bedding where prioritised, and knowing that this is the one element that always meets the expectation of their guests, of whom have delivered consistent 5 star ratings. This is where Eva comes in, as the primary brand for bedding and large comfort furnishings. The earthy palette, the natural textures and ensuring sourcing from environmentally ethical companies who use minimal eco-friendly packaging and natural materials in fabrication. The Eva Slideaway Sofa is the perfect fit aesthetically, the Sable Mae guests have already given Eva an A+ rating on comfort and style!

We love that the Sable Mae project has spawned a passion for design, sourcing and building projects, having developed into a new business model for the owners. Miljo Concept, takes existing spaces and consults on style, design and resourcing to bring it to life, a resource for budding renovators, sure to continue to grow. Stay tuned for Lisa and Kent’s next passion project.