10 Movies That Will Put You To Sleep Every Time



The only thing better than curling up in bed with a good movie is falling asleep in front of one. It’s like going to the cinema in your jim-jams and then never having to leave. Plus it’s cheaper than a sedative.

To help you on your journey to snoozeville, we’ve compiled a list of movies that’ll help you nod off faster than a statistics lecture on a Friday arvo. To be clear - these aren’t all bad movies, let’s just call them the bedtime stories of the 21st century. Whether it’s a nap that you’re after or a solid nine-hour beauty, these are the ones that’ll get you there.

Warning: may contain traces of Hugh Grant.


  1. Mary Poppins

Nothing puts you to beddy-byes quite like childhood nostalgia. Dick Van Dyke is the ultimate father figure. However, if sleep time is coming around - do not watch Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!! Yes, it does feature a song called Hushabye Mountain, but it doesn’t matter how secure you feel at home, the child catcher can freak the supercalifragilisticexpialidocious out of anyone.

  1. The Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone!

We’ve paired these two fine wines together for the same reason - they’re both d#$&!-ing long. Throw one on at 9pm, and if you’re not asleep by the time it finishes, you may as well get up for breakfast. Both are nostalgic adventure stories from your childhood with their very own Dumbledore (which, we must stress, are DIFFERENT ACTORS). Harry may have been the boy who lived but these flicks are sure to make you the one who slept.

  1. Marie Antoinette

Can’t sleep? You need a plotless classic. Marie Antoinette is viscerally stunning and the Oscar-winning costumes are spectacular, but the script is littered with gaping holes. Better yet, the wooden performances (coupled with the steel soundtrack) make it an obvious choice for a snooze moov’. As Marie Antoinette herself said, “let them eat cake…. while in bed.”

  1. Babe

Yes, this a gorgeous heartwarming family film, but this puppy gets extra points for the sheer amount of sheep in the film. SO MANY SHEEP!

  1. Notting Hill

We present: a classic British romantic comedy that will have you feeling cosy in no time. This little number features a stellar cast whether you like Hugh Grant or not. After All, he’s just a boy, standing in front of a camera, asking Julia Roberts if she might, you know, perhaps, if, you fancy, we could, have a spot of…zzzzzzz.

  1. Inception

This sounds like a mistake but trust us, the overly complicated storyline is sure to have you reverse-parallel parking into dream in no time. The only question is, which level of dream? Maybe keep a spinny thingy nearby just in case you wake up and your bed’s hanging from the ceiling.

  1. Bridget Jones’ Diary

Just in case you hate the awkward British Hugh Grant character he plays in almost every movie, here’s another. This beauty is a feel-good film that showcases Renee Zellweger’s INCREDIBLE British accent, ability to rapidly gain weight, and the north point of Hugh Grant’s limited range.

  1. Vicky Cristina Barcelona

There had to be a Woody Allen flick in the list and this one fits the mould perfectly. This film has everything: beautiful scenery, the reassuring presence of Javier Bardem, candle lighting, the occasional Spanish guitar, Scarlett Johansson being pretentious, and a dark room. Sweet dreams.

  1. The Artist

An Oscar-winning silent film - it switches off when you do.

  1. Inside Llewyn Davies

This straight-up boring film was allegedly written by the Cohen Brothers, though the lacklustre script would suggest otherwise. I can’t even give a short synopsis because, honestly, I’ve never actually made it to the end. But apparently there are many scenes of the lead character looking cold and/or walking through snow, and who doesn’t love a bit of schadenfreude when they’re feeling snug.

  So, in conclusion, the next time you’re having trouble getting those Zs, simply hit the hay with one of these pearlers. It’s basically a gold class experience without the crowded tram ride to the cinema. And while this list has hopefully inspired some quality snooze time, the truth is that every film is a film to fall to sleep to when you’re sleeping on an Eva Mattress. Every single slice of soft, cushiony Eva Mattress goodness is made from a combination of high-quality cooling memory foam, 100% Dunlop latex, micro-springs, high-density support foam and five zone pocket springs. And it all comes with a 120-night risk-free trial, free delivery Aussie-wide, and an affordable mattress price tag! 

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