How to pick the right bedding

It’s all well and good to invest in the perfect mattress, but lacklustre bedding can really undo all that good work. Comfort is key, as is investing in sheets that look great and will last.

Here are a few things to consider when buying bed sheets.

The feel-good factor

An oldie but not necessary a goodie, we’ll concede that pure cotton has many benefits. Breathable, natural and durable (depending on how long-staple the fibre is), there’s a reason it’s been the go-to bedding choice for so long. Plus, entry-level cotton is cheap and readily available.

But it’s not without its cons. It takes a lotof water to produce cotton. Almost 20,000 litres for every kilogram of cotton produced and 2,700 litres alone just to make one t-shirt! Organic cotton is a better option and uses far less water, but will cost you more. As will those 1000 thread-count Egyptian cotton sheets. And a higher thread count isn't everything.

Enter TENCEL® bed sheets. Unlike standard cotton, very little water is needed to make this soft, silky material. Derived from wood pulp, the fibre goes through an innovative, closed-loop spinning process that recovers 99 percent of the material, reducing land and water usage.

A relatively new player on the bedding scene, TENCEL® gives you the best of allworldsit’s cooler than linen, more absorbent than cotton and feels like silk (minus the price tag or harm to silkworms). Did we mention it’s recyclable and biodegradable?

In the interest of full disclosure, all Eva bedding is made from this nifty fabric. Ours is also Oeko-Tex certified, which means the TENCEL® is free of nasty chemicals, fertilisers, pesticides and other synthetic products.

The care factor

Some people love the textural look of linen. It has a natural rumple that can effortlessly pull off being wrinkled. Cotton also wrinkles easily (especially if tumble dried), but this dishevelled look isn’t quite so grammable: more messy teenager’s bedroom, less Home Beautiful. TENCEL® sheets, on the other hand, are naturally less wrinkly than cotton or linen, and really easy to care for. They wash well, resist fading and are less likely to shrink, pill or become thin with time and use.

Are you a hot sleeper?

Do you toss and turn a lot at night and can never get comfortable? You might be a hot sleeper. TENCEL® is made up of nanofibrils, a technical way of saying tiny little fibres, that magically wick sweat away from your body to give you a cooler night’s sleep. The fabricis also hypoallergenic and non-clinging, with a soft, smooth surface, which is ideal for people with sensitive skin.

What size is your mattress, really.

Sometimes it’s not as easy as queen-size mattress equals queen-size sheets when it comes to buying bedding - unless of course you order an Eva mattress ​and​ Eva​ sheets, which are a perfect match. Many mattresses have hefty mattress toppers that can add bulk and cause headaches when you’re trying to make that fitted sheet fit. When buying sheets, take into account the style of mattress you have and it’s actual depth, including mattress protectors and overlays.

Colour counts

Pick your sheets like you would a wall colour. Just like any other styling elements in your bedroom, a duvet or sheet colour can either enhance a space, or detract from it. If you’re a minimalist, white or grey is a safe bet. Want to lift a space but not overwhelm it? Dusky pink is a great choice and works well with other neutrals, while blues and greens are calm and serene. If your bedroom is on the small side, opt for lighter colours or white to brighten rather than close in the room.

The test run

Unless you have a set bedding preference, you may not know what your sheet M.O. is until you’ve actually spent a few nights sleeping in them.

That’s why we offer a​ ​120 night trial. Because we know there’s nothing worse than buying something online you think you’ll love, then realising it’s not for you.

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