Eva's ultimate gifting guide [2021]

Ah, Christmas. Whether you celebrate it or not, it's always a special (and stressful) time of year. In between the socialising, an excessive amount of cheese platters and supermarket trips there’s hardly a spare minute to think about buying a gift - let alone actually deciding on what to buy!

With the clock ticking and cortisol levels running high, it’s easy to ‘panic buy’ (read: socks for Dad for the 5th year in a row). Lucky for your busy schedule, we’ve put together a gift guide that covers all bases! 

 The Work Kris Kringle

Assuming you’ve got an unrealistic budget of $20 for your work KK this can be a tough buy. There are not too many respectable gifts you can purchase for $20 - so you’ll have to get creative.

The best way to do this is to show your colleague what you know about them! Do they have any hobbies? Interests? A favourite author? Stalk their Facebook and make their year with something personalised, it shows you care! Pulling at the heartstrings always trumps money spent!

Gift idea: Something personalised.

Your New Partner 

So you’ve just started dating and you’re not sure what the appropriate amount to spend on a gift is. Well, we’ve got some advice for you: Do not spend a fortune! If you really like this person you’ll be locking yourself into years of over-spending and constantly having to one-up the year before (trust us, we’ve been there). You want to impress them without overdoing it, ya dig?

Gift idea: A plant & a surprise dinner at their favourite restaurant. 

The Person Who Has Everything 

We all have a friend/family member/co-worker that always has the latest and greatest. So when it comes time to gift them you can feel pressured to spend the big bucks. That’s where the experience gift comes in! An affordable way to not only give them a present they’ll never forget but you can be confident they (probably) won’t re-gift it next year. This style of gift also works great for parents too! Seriously, take your mum to a high-tea - she’ll bloody love it. 

Gift idea: An experience (a great website for this is Red Balloon)


Is there a better gift you could give yourself than something you’ll use for 8 hours a day, erry day? We all know sleep is one of the secrets to good health so gift yourself an Eva Mattress with a comfortable memory foam pillow and you’ll be on your way to achieving your New Year’s resolutions before anyone else. Plus imagine the joy you could experience by having the largest gift under the tree! Or the most extra unboxing experience. Just #treatyoself okay?

Gift idea: The best sleep of your life.

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