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Why we have a 30 day adjustment period

So, you’ve just bought something from Eva. 

Or maybe you’re doing your due diligence and familiarising yourself with the ins and outs of our processes before adding to cart (we’re guessing you were the eldest child?). 

Either way, you may have noticed that as part of our new 365 day trial we have a 30 day adjustment period for all our products. This means that we ask you to try Eva in your home for at least 30 days before requesting a return. 

Since the launch of our new trial, we’ve had a couple of questions about this adjustment period, so we wanted to explain our reasons why:

1. It takes time to adjust. 

We’ve had the 30 day adjustment period for the Eva mattress since the beginning, because your body can take up to a month to adjust to a new one. 

woman lying in bed, tucked in with Eva hemp linen sheets in olive

If you’re just switching from your trusty but decades-old mattress, you’ll probably find your body needs a little time to realign on a new, more supportive mattress. While your old mattress can feel comfortable, commonly the years of use mean they lack adequate support.

We have countless reviews that confirmed this theory that it takes a little while to adjust to a new mattress. But once you do, there’s no looking back.

reviews for the Eva mattress

We’ve extended this adjustment period to all our products because we’ve found that it’s a good amount of time to get to know your Eva items. This way you can drink too much coffee on your All Day sofa, binge Netflix wrapped in your hemp linen sheets, and serve pre-drinks on your Hideaway coffee table. We want you to have the time to test your products in your home before deciding if they’re the right fit.

A couple sit on the Eva Everyday sofa in a living room, eating bagels 

Allow yourself to adjust to your new and improved space, then make the call. They say it takes three weeks to break a habit - well, we think 30 days is the right time to adjust to your Eva home. 

Plus, with a 100 day trial, you’ve got plenty of time after your initial 30 days to sort your returns process, should you decide that Eva isn’t the perfect fit (although we’re pretty confident you won’t).

2. It gives you a true experience. 

Here at Eva, we want you to properly experience your furniture. We’ve launched a 365 day trial for just that - a whole year of living with Eva to ensure it fits perfectly with your life. The 30 day wait period means you’ll have at least some time to experience Eva, and you’ll likely fall in love by then.  

3. It reduces waste. 

We have the 30 day adjustment period in order to reduce returns by encouraging a more considered approach to furniture-buying, as opposed to the throwaway nature of fast furniture. 

A landfill full of discarded furniture

Photo courtesy of Handkrafted.

According to Handkrafted, “on average each household [in a metropolitan area] disposes of around 24kg of wooden furniture per year. Approximately a third of this are soft furnishings like sofas and armchairs, and two-thirds other wooden furniture”. That’s not including furniture taken directly to tips by businesses or households.

With more thoughtfully designed furniture, which we produce, and a thoughtful testing experience, which we allow you to have, the end result is a far less wasteful process. Win-win!


Let us know if this helped you, and send us snaps of you trying out your Eva! We love to see them over at @eva.home.